Reviews: Anonymous

Shanghai Hai Gang Hotel

Shanghai, China

Not a bad place to stay by any means. The rooms were what you'd expect for a 2-3 star Chinese hotel; however, the bathrooms were clean, the water was hot, and the hallways quiet. The best part about this hotel is the location; it's right in the heart of West Nanjing Rd very close to the metro line and a nice pedestrian district. Would stay again.


If you want to be near the Bund, this place can't be beat. It's clean, has a great cafe, and is always packed with people. However, this last point can be a bit bothersome; this hostel can occasionally be packed with loud, drunk, scene kids. Nevertheless, the hostel is a perfect place to spend a weekend in Shanghai. We stayed one night in the "luxury room," and the drain in the bathroom smelled like an open sewer; we transferred to a double and it was much nicer. Hot water can be iffy.


One of the best hostels we've been to yet. The staff was always available and ready to help. The bar/cafe was excellent and well-stocked, even in the low season. We stayed in a double room with private bath; both were clean, warm, and even well-decorated. We would definitely stay again.


The staff here is the warmest and most helpful of any hostel we've visited. While the facilities aren't the prettiest, the location and price were ideal. We came during the low season, and the bar was not stocked and kitchen closed. Also note that this hostel is quite cold in winter; the hot water worked one day out of four. Regardless, if you are coming to Kaifeng and need a cheap room, the staff here make up for the shortcomings of the facilities.


A great hotel, especially for the price. The room was clean and beautifully decorated; the bed wasn't too hard for China either. The staff seemed overworked; they gave the same answer - "Later!" - to many of our questions, but by the end of our 4-day trip, they had completed or answered all of our queries. The courtyard setting of this hotel is magical; you won't regret spending a few days here. The bar/cafe is decent for the price - try the pizzas. Would stay again.

Tianjin City Youth Hostel

Tianjin, China

For the money, and considering it's the only hostel in Tianjin, it wasn't too bad. The room was very plain and the bedding was old, but the bathrooms were relatively clean and the staff was nice and provided everything we needed. The location isn't great, but a quick 10 RMB taxi can get you to the main tourist attractions. Bring your own pillow and don't expect a glamorous atmosphere. It's a perfectly fine place to crash at night.


If you're looking for a safe bed at night, this place does just fine. Check out the map for an idea of location. We're a married couple, so we stayed in a double bed private bath. 90% of the room was the bed. The heat was excellent and the room was very clean. The staff was entirely indifferent and seemed to hate their jobs. The bathroom was a split toilet/shower combo. The worst part about our stay was the smell from the apparently open drain in the bathroom floor - it was horrendous.


The staff was very courteous, friendly;. We had a heater problem and it was fixed right away. The room was spacious, clean, and the bed was soft. The only bad part of this hostel was it's location; while it's close to landmarks and metro stops, the hostel is located in a LOUD and smelly alley. Each morning at around 5:00 a.m., the alley came alive with construction noise, people yelling, e-bike alarms, and all manner of clamor. Worst, the smell of nearby restaurant dumpsters fills the hostel.


A charming and cozy place to spend a weekend. Close to many must-see parts of Suzhou.


The staff and facilities were excellent; the rooms and showers/toliets were very well-kept. The staff was helpful and friendly. Would stay again.