Reviews: kahokkuri

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

St. Christopher's Barcelona was an excellent hostel for the price. There were plenty of other guests to interact with, and it was an excellent coincidence to meet some people from Japan with whom I could talk! The adjoined bar was convenient and inexpensive. My only complaints would be the SLOWNESS of the information desk and the SMALLNESS of the showers, but neither of those would keep me from staying again.

The Walrus Hostel

London, England

The staff at The Walrus was amazing; they were always available to offer tips about getting around the city and were all-around really friendly. If there are problems with your room, the staff are quick to help. The lack of electrical outlets near mirrors was odd, but thanks to jet lag I always woke up in time to get my favorite spot. This hostel is a great value for the cost, especially since it's walkable to multiple Tube stops and major tourist locations. Highly recommended!