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This was a decent option when the other two youth hostels I stay at in Shanghai were booked. Some of the other reviews complained it is noisy. One of the nights of my stay was, indeed, noisy. The other was very quiet and peaceful. So it really depends on when you stay there.


A really cool hostel with excellent communal spaces. The staff in the restaurant were excellent, just a little less friendly at the check-in counter. The only problem is finding it because it's on a side street and I didn't bring a big enough printout and it wasn't in Chinese. Both it and its partner hostel, Cloudland, are great places and I'd be lucky to stay at either if I'm back in Kunming.

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Dear, Thank you for you stay in our hostel. just enjoy your trip .And best wishes from all of our hostel . We hope see you again. UPLAND YHA


I've stayed there before and I didn't have a problem with the smell, but this time I read a comment from someone complaining about it--and they were right! The smell in the stairwell is disgusting and I wish they would do something about it because, overall, it is a good, convenient place to stay and the food is very good.

Xiamen Travellers' Home

Xiamen, China

This was the most welcoming and friendliest place in China where I've stayed. My friend and I were treated to a nice tea ceremony upon entering. I'm sure it helped that my friend is a native Chinese speaker, but the staff members also spoke to me in confident English. The location is excellent--right across from the beach--and in an area with lots of restaurants. The room was bright and very comfortable. I was truly delighted with my stay here!

Shanghai Dock Bund Hostel

Shanghai, China

The main reason to stay here its location in between the lively areas of Nanjing Road and the Bund (walking distance for both places). But there's a big difference between a "hostel" like this, which is simply a cheap hotel with some dorm rooms and those who are affiliated with the International Youth Hostel system (IYH), which really give you a hostel experience: communal rooms for hanging out, dining facilities, and activities.


A central location with a very modern design and furnishings. The check-in is located in the same place as the restaurant, cafe, bar, pool table area, so there is strong communal feeling to the hostel that represents the best of the spirit of hosteling. I would easily stay here again.


Believe the good things people have written about this place! Although the outside street is as urban as can be, once you pass through the gates, you are in a nice woodsy refuge. The staff--at reception, the travel center, and the bar/restaurant--are extremely helpful and speak excellent English. There are plenty of activities offered both in the hostel itself and trips to surrounding areas can easily be arranged here. There's plenty of DVDs if you don't feel like going out.

Guilin Central Hostel

Guilin, China

The Lonely Planet is definitely right about the touts right outside the hostel. They are the most relentless I've encountered in Asia. It is such a shame because the staff at this hostel are excellent. They are extremely helpful, friendly, and speak wonderful English. But I would be reluctant to stay anywhere on this or the surrounding streets again due to the aggressiveness of the touts. I don't know what the hostel can do about this situation, but they should know it hurts their business.

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Hey, thanks for staying with us. We are sorry for the touts you met out of our hostel. We have been trying our best to stop them, we even argued with them because we don't want they lie to our guests. We posted big signs in the hostel to reminder everyone, what else can we do? We don't have any right to say "hey you can't stand out of our hostel"... Because Backstreet is located in a really really unbeatable place where is very central and popular for people, also our hostel has been opened over 6 years, we are very famous for both of guests & touts :) Anyway, stay in happy and make your own decision. Enjoy your trip. Team Backstreet