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Dragon King Hostel

Beijing, China

Very friendly and accommodating staff. Located in a nice quiet area, but extremely close to a subway station that gets you to all the hotspots in Beijing quickly.

Kaohsiung Chicken Backpacker

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

I'm trying to think of something negative to say about this place and can't. Great location right next to Love River, directly in the middle of downtown yet somehow still quiet at night. Comfy beds, friendly staff, what more can you ask for?

77 Hostel

Tainan, Taiwan

One of the best hostels that I've been to. Celine is an awesome person, and incredibly helpful, always willing to give you recommendations on what sights to see and what places to eat. Very casual, laid-back atmosphere as well. Highly recommended!

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Thanks matt! you are cool guy! We also had very good time during your stay. just like an old friend.

Precioso Hostel

Taichung, Taiwan

Unfortunately located in the middle of nowhere. Staff is friendly, but barely present.


Some of the most helpful and friendly staff I've ever encountered at any hostel! Amy and Ann are veritable tour guides, and provide you with an almost overwhelming amount of material and options to explore the fine city of Keelung upon your arrival. The hostel itself is a little out there (10-15 minute walk to nearest train station), but they offer free shuttle pick up and drop off to the nearest train station. Can't recommend this place enough.

Rainbow Hostel

Taipei, Taiwan

This is a wonderful little hostel with some very accommodating and friendly staff. It's a bit out of the way (either a bus ride or a 15 minute walk to the nearest MRT station), but other than that, it's a perfect place to stay while in Taipei!

Beatty Lodge

Perth, Australia

Good hostel if you're just looking to relax. Most of the people staying there are working in Perth and thus there's a very laid-back, decidedly non "party hostel" atmosphere. It's located a bit of a ways from the city center (20 to 30 minute walk), but it's in a quiet section of town. If you're looking to meet people and get out a lot, this probably isn't your best option, but if you just want a place to relax without being disturbed, can't get much better than this.

YMCA Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand

First off, you can't beat the location. Right in the middle of the city, yet still nice and quiet. Directly across from the Botanical Gardens, it doesn't get any better. Only real downside is that there's no central 'hub' for everyone to gather, save for little living room-esque areas on each floor. So there's not to much socializing going on. Other than that, really enjoyed this place. Had all the amenities, and for a great price.

The Pickled Frog

Hobart, Australia

This is a great hostel located smack dab in the middle of downtown Hobart, a 10 or 15 minute walk from Salamanca Markets and close to Battery Point. The staff is incredibly helpful and informative, and they also offer free shuttle rides to MONA and Mt. Wellington, depending on the day of the week. This is a pretty incredible offer and can save you quite a bit of money! The only downsides: there aren't any lockers, and the kitchen can get quite crowded at certain points.

Nomads Fat Camel Hostel

Auckland, New Zealand

There were no lockers in the room that I stayed in, just had to leave my bags on the floor and hope for the best. There is a bar on the first floor that cranks incredibly loud music all night. All of the rooms are situated directly above the bar, and the one I stayed in had a window that didn't fully close, making it nearly impossible to get a decent nights sleep. The free dinner meal is a nice touch. Staff was hit and miss; some were very nice and helpful, others were very reluctant to help.

Wang Fat Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Location is amazing. Strange set up with having to go to separate buildings. The main check in lobby is quite small, and it makes it hard to find a spot to mingle with other travelers.

Zhuhai Journey House

Zhuhai, China

This is a very cozy , modest hostel that's perfect to stay at if you're interested in crossing over to Macau and need cheap accommodation. The only real downside is the location, which is a ways away from anything. To get to any restaurants or activities, you either need to take a bus or 10-15 RMB taxi ride, which is unfortunate. They also don't mention that you need to enter a code at te main building entrance, which is 142. Location aside, I loved this place.

Shanghai Koala Garden House

Shanghai, China

The staff is a complete mixed bag. Some of the employees are quite helpful and can speak decent to very good English, but then the older man who runs the hostel at night can't speak a word of English and is no help whatsoever. It took over a half hour for them to check me in, and I was practically interrogated about my visa and passport, something that I have never had a problem with before. The lock on our door did not work, and it took over two days for the three of us to have our own keys

Lazy Gaga Hostel

Guangzhou, China

This is an exceptional new hostel that just opened in this July. It's in a superb location, right in the middle of a bustling labyrinth of streets packed with markets, food stalls, and all manner of great local sights. The only minor complaint I have is that there seemed to not be nearly enough staff considering the size of the hostel itself. I had to wait for some time both when I checked in and checked out because there was only one person at the front desk. All in all, this place is great

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It's also a bit surprise for this 17-week-old hostel about the situation we're experiencing. We're now hiring more new staff to meet our customers' needs especially during the peak day like 1st Nov. However, though we're busy, we're always as helpful and welcoming as every day. :>

Rainbow Lodge HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Although it is VERY small, this is a nice little hostel in Hong Kong that couldn't be in a better location. It's only about 100 feet to the nearest MTR train station, and thus it's quite easy to get where you want to go. For Hong Kong, the price is great. The staff are extremely friendly and willing to tell you where the best events are occurring. All in all, it's great!