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Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Okinawa Sora House

Okinawa, Japan

The beds and the dorm room sizes were good but the staff were dismissive, not helpful and overall left us with a very bad impression. We arrived on an early flight from Tokyo and were aware that check in was at 3pm (as is common in Japan) but you weren't allowed to even use the common area until you'd checked in! Ridiculous! The staff didn't even advise us of where to go to pass the 5 hours until check in or give us a map or anything so we had to wander around until we eventually found a cafe :(


We'd stayed in K's House in Kyoto as well and although smaller, this place was basically the same. Comfortable beds and good size rooms, short walk from the station which is good for both train and bus arrivals into the city. Kitchen, laundry and common room reasonably sized. Overall, good stay.

Hotel Mikado

Osaka, Japan

Wasn't what we expected as it is much more of a hotel than a hostel with only a small common area and small 4 bed dorms (that are 2 small rooms converted into 1!) but having said that, it was very comfortable, the staff are excellent and the showers were great. Toilets were a little basic and the surrounding area wasn't aesthetically pleasing shall we say, but it was not at all unpleasant.


Good hostel, big and spacious dorms and common rooms, comfy beds and key cards. Close to train station, metro and bus system. Good cafe adjacent with buffet breakfast available until midday which is good!

Khaosan Tokyo Kabuki

Tokyo, Japan

The hostel was great, felt like a home away from home. We stayed in the private room on the 4th floor and it was amazing. The common area is super chill and they have a Nintendo with old school games so we were very happy! We will be staying there again toward the end of the month to round off our trip to Japan because now we know we'll our trip somewhere great. ^_^

Khaosan Tokyo Original

Tokyo, Japan

We only stayed here for one night but the staff were really nice and polite and helpful. The room was a private 2 bed room and it was teeny tiny. We couldn't ooen our suitcases in the room unless it was on the bottom bunk and it was so cold overnight we had to have the ac on all night just to stay midly warm. But the bed was comfy and big and we were only there to sleep, not socialise so it served its purpose.


We enjoyed our stay and as the hostel had just moved to a new location and the room we booked was not available, we were upgraded to a better room for no extra cost which was great! We went to see the pandas through the hostel which was easy and a good trip and Juan was great to sit and chat with. Overall, a good stay ^_^


I loved this place. Rustic and nature oriented; exactly what I was looking for for my trip to Yosemite! The dorms were spacious with big lockers (bring your own padlock!) and the spa and cafe were great too! Would definitely recommend :)


This place was great. It's in west Hollywood so you're close to Hollywood boulevard and Griffith park/observatory. The parking is quite limited but is under the property and quite secure, you just have to get in there before 5pm to guarantee a space. There's lots of places within walk distance and some good places to eat. Staff are great and attentive but it is a lively hostel and can get quite noisy at night, especially if you're near the main road as traffic never stops! Great for groups.


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Atlas House

New Orleans, USA

The staff were great, Jessie checked me in and Freddie and I had some really good conversations! It's a great property to socialise with people or to go off on your own which I really enjoyed. It's close to buses to and from canal street (near the French quarter) and is in the Garden District so you can walk down Magazine street and see all the big, old houses and Lafayette cemetery. All in all, one of the best places I've sprayed in my 3 years of travelling!


This place was super cold and low key in March and didn't seem very popular. We only stayed for 1 night and had to huddle together under all the blankets for warmth. Overall, glad to leave in the morning!

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

This place was good, staff were great and helpful. We only stayed for a few nights to go to halong bay which we arranged through the hostel with relative ease. My friend was really sick and they changed the sheets at 3am and made sure he was ok which was great. Food was good, no problems :)

Hoa My Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

Lovely place. Staff were friendly and helpful, they gve is a map and suggested some places to go. Close to the central area for clothes and shopping, only a 10 minute walk to the river through the beautiful old streets. Only about 1-3 minutes by taxi from the bus station so don't get ripped off by the taxi driver like we did! Would stay again, plus Cafe 43 over the road was great - good food and we even did a cooking course with them :D lovely!


Really nice place, pool was small but perfect for the two of us as we were the only ones using it! Only a few metres (if that) from the beach (but the beach is nicer further up the road). Dorm was comfortable if a little squeezey but nice big lockable lockers - could fit a small suitcase & a rucksack in there comfortably. Good way to meet other travellers and plenty of great foods places just outside. Would recommend Friendly (out & left) and Indigo (out & right). Quite quiet but what we wanted!

Town House 50 Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Excellent hostel - staff were super friendly and helpful, especially jonny who sorted out the Cu Chi tunnels for us and an open bus ticket up the country - he even gave us some food to take on the bus when he realised we hadn't had dinner! Nice dorms and comfy beds, good complimentary breakfast and very clean. Would definitely stay again and recommend to anyone who finds themselves in Saigon!

Dont tell Mama

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

We were a little disappointed: we were put in a double room right at the back of the property by the main road which was noisy with tuk tuks & motorbikes, next to the toilets (straw huts are not soundproof so you could hear everyone's bathroom ablutions...!) we had to carry our luggage across a miniature beach (no path) & up some rickety wooden stairs. Bed was comfy, local bars friendly with good food but very quiet and $5-10 tuk tuks each way to get to town. Staff ok but didn't know a lot...

Me Mates Villa

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We'd arranged a pick up from the airport which had been confirmed but when our flight was delayed and we had to wait around for a while to get our visas sorted out, we were worried that there would be no one to meet us. Luckily and thankfully they were there waiting for us with my name on a sign. Large, comfy beds; excellent food; big metal, wired lockers with padlocks provided; organised onward travel for us and tours to the top sights around the city. Not a lot of power outlets in the dorms :(

Perfect Inn

Beijing, China

I paid for a standard double (only thing available at the time) & had to pay for 2 people as it was a double room so for 3 nights it cost more than a week's stay in a different place. The walls were mouldy & badly covered with wallpaper to try to hide it - the room itself was tiny & three sides of the double bed touched the walls. There was a glass bathroom shoved in there so it was essentially a bathroom with a bed squeezed in. The carpet was disgusting & they charged for everything! Horrendous