Reviews: Anonymous

St Enoch Hotel

Glasgow, Scotland

The location was amazing, staff helpful, and the facilities good enough. However, the was by far the most unclean hostel me or my cousin we have ever stayed in. There was mould growing in the shower, the place smelled of stale potatoes, and my cousin actually had a makeup cream of hers go mouldy within one night of staying here. I would not return to this "budget hotel".

The CubaHostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Great hostel. I'd go back here in a heartbeat if I was ever in the area again.

Apartments Bubalo

Hvar, Croatia

One of the best apartments I have ever stayed in, and my buddy agreed it was a great value. Vlado was exceedingly friendly, welcomed us into his home and introduced us to his awesome family while showering us with fantastic wine. The apartments were clean, the view nice, and because of all this we decided to stay a little bit longer. Vlado even drove us to the ferry for free in Stari Grad as he didn't want us to take the bus. Normally I never say this about a place, but I WILL be back.

Mlade Rooms

Split, Croatia

It was very difficult to find, but once we did we were made to feel very welcome. It should be made clear that this is a room in someone's apartment and not really a hostel, but we enjoyed our stay, and Matosic was even so kind to drive us to the ferry docks the day we left!


Everything was great besides the initial welcome to the hostel. We did not have a line, but the receptionist was incredibly brash and rude. However, it did not ruin our stay, and we loved the rest of our time at this hostel. Totally worth going to if you like the party environment!