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Pride of Paddington

London, England

Was good for just passing through but not for long-term stays; there is no kitchen, a very small and unfriendly common room (which closes at 11pm) and multiple floors separated by a very tight staircase, so beware of luggage! So it kind of sucks if you are jetlagged and want to check email without waking up everyone in your room bc there just really is no place to go. You also have to be sure you plan to arrive during the pub's hours of operation.

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

If I had known there was going to be two large groups of 14 or 15 year old boys (and then another of girls) on class field trips while I was there, I probably would have stayed elsewhere. They were really loud, took up what little common space existed, and made it so that there was really nowhere to go. Internet is only available in the kitchen (which is kind of dark and super cluttered seating) and the TV lounge, which only seats about 4 people. You can't access internet in the rooms.

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We have groups coming from time to time. Thank you for your comments, we' ll try to improve!