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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 28

Jalan-Jalan Emas

Melaka, Malaysia

No customer comment

Tree In Lodge

Singapore, Singapore

Tree In has some of the friendliest, most accommodating staff I have ever met before, which says a lot since I frequent hostels. I landed in Singapore and came with zero plans. Within 10 minutes, they had helped me set a solid, detailed plan for the entire duration of my stay, and even pointed me in the best direction onward into Malaysia. It is a bit quieter of a hostel than many others and is not in the central area, but buses and trains are numerous and very close. Highly recommended!

Kumasi Hostel

Kumasi, Ghana

This hostel clearly does not exist, so DO NOT book it! (Bring cash to other hotels in the city, unless you know someone.) The building does exist, near the location listed on the website (which is actually a bit difficult to find). However, my friend (native to Kumasi) and we knocked, called, & yelled for 5-10 minutes before we realized nobody was there, and nobody was coming. It was the middle of the afternoon & the weather was good all week, so it did not make sense for nobody to be there.


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The Backpack Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa

The staff working here really made the hostel experience very personable & much more enjoyable than many other hostels I've stayed at previously. A great group of people seemed to constantly rotate through the Backpack too, which is incredibly important to me. Other people have commented a lot on how clean & nice the place is, but I'd rather focus on the awesome people at the Backpack -- the real reason to go there!

M Montreal

Montreal, Canada

This was one of the nicest

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Pariwana definitely had a lot going on and a distinct feeling. The beds were extremely comfortable

Pisko & Soul

Cusco, Peru

the staff at pisko

The JA in Gangnam

Seoul, South Korea

The JA is a very new guesthouse (open for just 1 month from this review), so don't be put off by the lack of reviews. It's a small but comfortable and clean hostel in a great location, and the owners are very nice and easy to talk with and very helpful if you have any questions. It is only a bit more expensive than others, but you definitely get what you pay for in terms of location and service. I definitely recommend the JA.

Indy House

Busan, South Korea

Extremely friendly & lively staff and environment. I didn't personally experience the one drawback most reviewers mentioned (a noisy nightclub next door making sleep difficult). I have nothing but good things to say about Indy House. I definitely recommend staying here if you're coming to Busan.

Yoon&Jin Hostel in Myeongdong

Seoul, South Korea

Upon arrival, a lazy 15 second showing of the bathroom, towels, and bedroom began, with no welcome or introduction. After this point, I never saw the staff again, except one individual who entered the dorm room overnight. He never introduced himself either or even responded to a simple hello in English or Korean despite knowing both languages well, and only made my entire stay awkward. The facilities were adequate enough to get by, and the location could have been worse. Stay at your own risk.