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The Naughty Squirrel is great hostel with a great atmosphere. I was travelling alone and met many fellow travellers during my stay there. The staff are very friendly and are always happy to help when you require assistance. I would happily recommend this hostel to anybody visiting Riga.

Hostel Stadion

Helsinki, Finland

This Hostel is fine for anybody looking for just a bed. If you are looking to meet fellow travellers then this hostel is not the place to stay. The Wifi only works in the very small reception area which is rather frustrating. The staff were helpful and friendly and the location is very unique within the stadium.

Red Emperor Bar&Hostel

Tallinn, Estonia

Absolutely brilliant hostel. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. The hostel has a fantastic atmosphere and is great for meeting fellow travellers as well as locals who attend the public bar. I really enjoyed my stay there. I would fully recommend this hostel to anybody visiting Tallinn.

Hotel Jorgensen

Copenhagen, Denmark

A nice hostel with a great location just a short walk from the city centre or local station. Doesn't have much in the way of a bar or cooking facilities however and is generally very quiet. This hostel is fine if you are just seeking a quiet place to stay for a few days.

Arsenal Tavern Backpackers

London, England

The Hostel is in an okay location. The triple bunks don't make for a great nights sleep though and the rooms have very little space. Wouldn't stay longer than one night in this hostel.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Really enjoyed this hostel. The staff were brilliant, there is a really good atmosphere around the hostel and to top it off its located right next to Munich's main station. No cooking or food storage facilities being the only slight downside.

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

A decent hostel located centrally in Berlin. We stayed in the 50 bed dorm which had a fantastic atmosphere and was brilliant for meeting other travellers however as you'd expect it is very noisy. Overall a good hostel with helpful staff.

Cracow Hostel

Krakow, Poland

The Hostel is located on Krakow's main square which is excellent for getting around however it can be very loud if you fancy an early night especially if you are staying in one of the front rooms. There are no cooking facilities. The hostel is very clean and the staff are friendly and helpful. Overall I enjoyed my stay.


A really nice hostel located in Bratislava's old town. Good facilities and friendly staff. Definitely worth staying at this hostel if you are visiting Bratislava.

Carpe Noctem Vitae

Budapest, Hungary

If you are looking for a party and good time in Budapest this is most definitely the hostel for you. If however you like early starts in the morning and quieter nights then I'd recommend you book another hostel. The staff were helpful and there are decent cooking and washing facilities.

Hostel Shappy

Zagreb, Croatia

Hostel Shappy is a very nice hostel in a cracking central location in Zagreb. The rooms are very nice and clean and the woman running the hostel was very helpful and friendly. The only real downside to the hostel was the lack of facilities for cooking your own food. This means you are pretty much forced in to eating out which can prove to be costly especially if like myself you are travelling on a budget. The lack of fridge was particularly annoying.

Hostell Nikolla

Split, Croatia

I found this Hostel to be excellent. The staff were very helpful and approachable. The hostel has good facilities for cooking if you are looking to visit split and not spend a lot of money on eating out. It's located in the heart of the old town which is great for getting around the sights. Overall I had thoroughly enjoyed my stay.

Moon Hostel New

Krakow, Poland

Moon hostel is a nice little hostel located around a 20 minute from Krawkows main square. It can hard to locate as the entrance is hidden away from the Main Street. The surrounding area is a little run down so possibly to taxi it into town. The hostel it's self is very nice inside and the staff are very friendly.