Reviews: Anonymous

Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

Very nice staff! I recommend it to everyone visiting Barcelona.


That was not a hostel, just a regular bar (with people outside the hostel accepted) and in the first floor there were 4 rooms. I felt like not having space for the guests. There is not kitchen and they keep the food literally in the bar, every time you need soemthing you need to wait the bar attendent to bring it to you.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Everything was fine but there were many long term tenants. I met people who stayed in the hostel for 4, 5, 6 months: they already knew their people and not willing to talk to travellers.

Urbany Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

There were no restrooms in the 3rd floor (restaurant). I could not wash my hands! Free breakfast is a plus and free entrance to the gym too. It is definitely a good price/value.