Reviews: Anonymous


Good clean hostel

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Very big hostel feels like a hotel

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

very nice place I never had hot water when I was there but apart from that very very good value for money nice staff great beds

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

very nice hostel great value for money only wish u didn't have to hold the shower head when having to shower

Split Guesthouse & Hostel

Split, Croatia

Great place I had a ball there

Villa Divine

Dubrovnik, Croatia

2nd time here(was here 12 months ago) still very good very easy to meet people(best hostel ive ever stayed to meet people) very clean great views only thing anna work work there no more :( sad times

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

good hostel very big so can be hard meeting people (in the common room no one talked just sat there reading or on there phone alittle weird) good bed good kitchen in the middle of temple bar so pub cost abit more


not a bad hostel good value for money for the price i think ill stay there again

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

one of the best hostels ive been too very very easy to meet people

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

went in a group , not so sure how u would go meeting people by urself but clean nice cheap beer great food good value for money i think... no kitchen


very average hostel staff not that nice or helpfull bar sucked atmoshere ...well there was none but it was clean not good for meeting people

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

love this hostel stayed there 2 times in the last year great for a beer n meeting people at the bar, beds have curtains power point n light(why cant all hostels do this?)


i love wombats hostels if u have been traveling for a few months n just want a few stress free days nice bar always clean rooms, a little hard meeting people there very big nice kitchens

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

nice simple hostel they love there candles kitchen is very small right in the old town

Villa Divine

Dubrovnik, Croatia

best hostel ive stayed at hands down (ive stayed in about 40 plus) great place great views so easy to meet people great place for a beer or just chill out like a family after a few hours ana was great thanks a heap wes will be going back for sure

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

if u like dirt and mould plus the smallest room ever u will love it here

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

good clean safe nice hostel is big but i didnt find it to hard to meet peope