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1 Step from St Peter

Rome, Italy

Roberto and Katharina were my hosts and I was very pleased with my stay. The room I had (single private) was spacious and had a lot of natural light. The hosts are really careful about cleanliness. I was impressed with the fact that they give freebies that a lot of hostels would charge for - like coffee (great espresso shots) and flavoured yoghurt. In all, the place felt more like a home rather than a hostel and I would definitely recommend it, despite its location slightly far from the centre.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Overall, great experience, friendly staff and clean rooms. However, things to take for granted to be free in many hostels, like towels and internet are charged for at the hostel.

Bahaus Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Great location!

Metropolis Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Excellent view from rooftop bar. Good breakfast and great location.