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This is not a hostel but a hotel! Excellent facilities! Very clean! There is even a hairdryer in each room. Although the breakfast is from 7:30 to 9:30, the staff was flexible and allowed us to eat before 7:30. I really like this hostel, and can recommend this hostel to everyone!

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Dear Guest, We thank you for your review and we hope to see you soon again ! Reception team.


Security locker was very helpful. (I needed 50 cent as a deposit). The staff was also kind. I can recommend this hostel.

Globetrotter Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

There is a small kitchen, so I could cook something myself. Also staff was kind. However, I found the following minus points: 1) there are only two bathroom, so I had to wait quite a lot. 2) although it says "Breakfast included", what is offered is *only* cornflake and milk. Also, due to security lock, I had to call someone from the reception to enter the building.


The room was very clean, and staff was kind. There was even a hairdryer.

A&O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

Hamburg, Germany

If breakfast were included, it would be perfect!


A basic information (e.g., from when breakfast is available, the check-out time ) should be told by the staff at recepton. I also think the quality of breakfast should be improved!

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Hi there! Thank you for your feedback! We always tell this sort of information but sometimes we happen to forget. Especially when we are busy. Of course you can come back to reception for any information. Cheers St Christopher's Paris