Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Great atmosphere! Definitely a good option in London!

Roscoe House by Urban Chic

Liverpool, England

A very cheap hostel for a very comfort night of sleep. Amazing place.

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

The hostel doesn't have lockers. Ok, there's a security room. Although, you'll not feel safe about your luggage, since everybody could has access to this room. The staff in average is not friendly (far way of it). Sometimes also rude. Of 4 attendants, only 1 was really nice. The structure is old and little bit dark, the bathrooms are always wet and you need to share it with everybody. Some rooms have bathrooms but the structure is poor. There is a metro station really closer. That's good!

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Excellent location. Excellent Structure and staff is good. Extremely cheap. When I come back to Barcelona I'll book again at St Christopher!