Reviews: Anonymous

Amstel Riverview Bed & Coffee

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The walls were paper-thin. I could hear everything once the other guests woke up or even walked through the corridor. It was not specified that there is a shared bathroom and the other guests took a very long time showering. The bed was also rather lumpy and not very comfortable to sleep in. It was however a decent location, although there was a charge for using my credit card to pay that also was not specified in the advertisement.

Inter Hotel Otelinn

Caen, France

This was a very clean and comfortable hotel. The shower was somewhat small and without a shower curtain it could get a little messier than probably necessary but there was plenty of hot water. The location is the main drawback. It is just down the street from the Memorial of Caen which is a good 15-20 minutes outside of the city center. There isn't much else around except for an industrial park. If you are only in Caen to visit the memorial than this is the perfect place to stay.