Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

Angel is the man!! Great atmosphere and great staff. Hope to be back.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Good hostel, but very little personality, looks like a hotel. Very near the train station(10 min walk). Great breakfast(paid).

Greg & Tom Party Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Awesome hostel, near the station, great staff, always wanting to party. Breakfast and dinner very good and included in the price. One of the best hostel I've stayed in.

The MadHouse Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Best Hostel. Great people. Great staff, very organize and clean. Great wifi. Beat Hostel in europe. Ps: better than flying pig. Family dinner bitches!

PangeaPeople Hostel & Hotel

Berlin, Germany

Great hostel but ooks like a hotel, have no personality, no partying. Good breakfast(paid)

Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Honestly, I just wanted to get high...

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

No customer comment

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

Great hostel! The bar is really cool and the canden pub crawl passes in the bar of the hostel. It's was the best pub crawl i've ever been. Everything was great! I though the hostel had really fit my homossexuality =))


Average hostel, far from the centre of paris. Worst breakfast ever, you had to fight to get your food, and it was not for free. Weak wifi in the rooms. No personality, and a few people of the staff weren't very nice.