Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel was clean and safe. Previous reviews said this was a hostel where families stayed, however; this isn't really the case, at least when we stayed there. The lobby was filled with drunk and high kids. It's a good hostel, though, and many things are included for the money, including shampoo. I would recommend the Van Gogh Hotel.

Palm Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

The hostel was great! A friend and I stayed here for 4 nights during the Eid break. It is about a minute's walk from the Old City, and the area outside is predominantly Muslim, with fantastic street food and shops. The employees are nice and very helpful, they helped us by organizing a trip to the north of Israel. The trip itself was not incredibly cheap, but honestly, neither is Israel. But I felt like they wanted all of us to have a good time. Enjoyed my stay, would come again!