Reviews: Anonymous

Jetpak Jumpdesk

Berlin, Germany

Great staff, nice breakfast in the morning, great prices and close to one of the most important metro stations in Berlin!


Staff was not well prepared to inform us on basic stuff such as best transportation methods to get to the free tour, how to get to the airport or even places to eat around the hostel. Basically the common area is a pub downstairs with very limited space. As far as I know, we didn't get any discount on said pub. Lockers were small and they had no padlocks for rental, only for sale and for a huge price. They also had no wall plug adpaters for rental, just for sale and super overpriced.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

Great staff, everyone was super attentive and could indicate the best places to go. We had a blast on our trip but it would had been very different had we not stayed with them. You may be able to find cheaper places but this hostel has deals all around town and gets you discount on food and drinks on a few places. Common area is really good and they are very chill about bringing your own drinks and food to the hostel (even though they have drinks for sale at the bar).

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Nice hostel, great big common area, staff was nice and attentive, rooms were clean and spacious. Staff informed me of everything around town and helped me out the best they could. I would only recommend taking your own padlock since the first day I arrived they had ran out of padlocks and I had to leave my stuff unlocked. Not a big deal if you know everyone in your room but still, better safe than sorry.