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Alcatraz Backpacker Hostel

Berlin, Germany

No customer comment

YMCA Hostel Basel

Basel, Switzerland

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Equity Point London

London, England

The 8-bed dorm was the smallest 8-bed dorm I've been in in my entire life. I had to manoeuvre myself to get to my bed. Luckily the bed above me was empty. I don't know how a person would be able to sleep up there with someone below. It is clear they haven't vacuumed the floor. When paying by card they charge a one pound service charge per night you are staying. Irritating, esp. with a "change collection box" at reception asking for spare change. Positives are good location and good lockers.

YHA London Earls Court

London, England

Pros: -nice beds, clean sheets -good lockers in rooms -good location, short walk to tube -friendly, helpful staff Cons: -dirty, grungy kitchen in basement left me preferring to eat out -motion sensor in shower lasted 15 seconds before having to step out of the shower to wave the light back on -calling it a youth hostel is a bit misleading - guests of all ages were there -dirty luggage room with no lock


Pros: -nice beds, curtains on beds -clean bathrooms Cons: -not greatest location -small, awkward lockers

Glasgow Youth Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

Pros: -nice location -friendly staff Cons: -using the shower caused it to flood the floor -grungy kitchen in basement -old couches in lounge -not exactly a youth hostel


Pros: -very big rooms -comfortable beds -very clean and comfortable -close to public transport Cons: -nothing really to think of