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Location: Finland, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Youthhostel Bern

Bern, Switzerland

A lot better than the international youth hostel in Zurich! Has a much more hostel-esque feel. Sleeping in a dorm with 20 people was reminiscent of my times in the army. Staff was very friendly and the walking tour map I got from the reception was a great way to see the sights in Bern. Also quite easy to find, and only 2 min walking distance from the Aare, so good for those warm, sunny days when you can go swimming!

The Green Youth Hostel

Hangzhou, China

A good hostel. There's nothing too exciting about it but at the same time there's nothing to complain about either. This hostel is a good place to stay at.

Hongdae Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

This hostel has a great location as it is basically attached to the Hongik University station, which is very close to many sightseeing spots. The staff is friendly, the price is low and free breakfast is a plus. The hostel can even get discounts for different performance shows. I myself went to a show called "Cooking Nanta", which was great fun. This hostel is definitely good value for money.

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Thank you for the reivews. hope to see you another time here. thanks again. from Mary.:)


This hostel is a waste of your time and money. The biggest problem is that you have to check out and check in every day. This leads to a lot of waiting, which sometimes took an hour out of my day. When I asked the manager why they have this policy, he said that its an "ancient Japanese capsule hotel tradition." However, this is the only capsule hotel I have come across or heard about that has this policy. Its very annoying and inconvenient. The staff also do not speak English very well.

Hostel Mundo Chiquito

Kyoto, Japan

An awesome hostel. Staff is very friendly and helped me out when I was sick. Its nice to have a computer and internet that actually work. The hostel is also located in a good place as nijo-jo is very close and you can get to any of the major attractions fast. The shower/restroom set-up is not ideal because you need to walk in an open-air space to get to them. Anyway, the staff is awesome and they make you feel like you are a family member, which really makes your stay unforgettable.


Having a private room with tv for 1500 yen a night is really good. The staff were helpful even if they didnt approve of me bringing female visitors to the room haha. This hostel is definitely good value for money as it is cheap and the location is superb.


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The Green Youth Hostel

Hangzhou, China

An average hostel. Nothing special about it but provides a place to sleep at a low price. The bed was really hard, but this is the situation all across China.


A good bread-and-butter hostel. The breakfast is good although after a couple of days you will probably be tired of it :P They have a pool table, table tennis and a guitar so you have something to do if you come back to the hostel early. I went in November and it was quite cold as this hostel doesnt have heating.

The InnCrowd Backpackers Hostel 2

Singapore, Singapore

Good place. Good location, friendly staff, free breakfast etc. make this a very good hostel. The only cons are that the hostel is close to a mosque, and I woke up almost every night when they are making announcements in the minaret and the fact that the computers either didnt work or were veeeery slow.