Reviews: Anonymous

Ankara Han Hostel

Ankara, Turkey

The staff were poor, not a word of english until this other gentleman who said he was the receptionist came, who spoke english a bit. We were taken to our room and the bedding was used and unchanged with hair all over the place. We complained, though no use at all as they didnt understand anything, so the guy moved us to another room, but then told to move our stuff back again to the other room which was now cleaned. Overall, cheap place to stay, not pleasant service. Not recommended

Guzel Izmir Oteli

Izmir, Turkey

Me and my friend booked this hostel/hotel before hand as we were time restricted to just go to Izmir and look for a place and I have to say I don't regret anything. As a place just to put your head to rest on a backpacking trip this hostel is everything and more for the price you are paying. Firstly the guy I spoke to and then met there is Orhan, who is a fluent english speaker who grew up in USA. Not only is he very helpful, but a wonderful person who becomes your friend. he will tell you all y