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Flying Pig Downtown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stayed at this hostel over 5 years ago: my how things change - and for the worse. The people who stay at this hostel are nothing like the guests of old; now they're all party-hardy types out to cruise whatever the red light district has to offer. Not chilled out at all (even with a smoking lounge). Admittedly the live DJs every week is entertaining, but if you're staying on the first floor and jet-lagged as hell you are not sleeping. Apart from that, the hostel was pretty dirty: clean more!


Anne hostel is great, easily one of the better hostels I stayed at in Japan. The common room is typically Japanese (low tables and pillows for seats), as is the rest of the decor. The only downsides are it's location (which, although close to Asakusabashi station, can be tricky to find), lack of curtains on the beds, the common room closing at midnight and it's size: this hostel is TINY. Barely any space to walk around in the halls and showers when there are others around. Still, a great hostel.


Nice enough hostel, but a bit of a letdown in comparison to other hostels I stayed at in Japan. To start, it wasn't as clean: I got a bacterial infection on the bottom of my foot after using one of the showers, and the rough floor materials in the hostel don't help when you can't walk around in your shoes and their slippers are too small. The lack of an elevator isn't that much of a problem for me, but in the hot summer it's desired. Everything else is fine, and having two common areas is nice.

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Thank you very much for your comment. We apologize about the matter but we clean the hostel very well everyday with anti bacterial spray. We also have 3L sized slippers. We hope that you enjoyed Kyoto !!


Fantastic hostel - with a top notch bar! The food is really good there too, I only wish they served more Japanese food! The staff are really friendly, and they speak good English. All the facilities here are at a high standard as well (both in terms of quality and cleanliness). The only downside was that the elevator is shut off at midnight, which is not nice if you're staying on the 5th floor or want to go to the common room (6th floor). Also, they need to post better directions to the hostel!

Kiwi Basecamp

Christchurch, New Zealand

I only stayed here for half a night because I had to catch an early flight, but it is not a bad hostel at all. Everything is all right, but the atmosphere is fairly poor, with not much to do other than watch TV. The staff could also be a bit friendlier. Apart from that, the one good thing I must give for this place is the location - very close to the centre of town, and the airport shuttle they organise is good value (and they can even arrange a shuttle bus for early in the morning).

Albatross Backpacker Inn

Kaikoura, New Zealand

What a wonderful hostel - I spent my 25th birthday there and, despite there only being one other guest at the time, we (including the staff) had a great time together playing cards and drinking vodka! The hostel itself is awesome - loads of (good condition!) acoustic instruments for jamming and tons of board games to boot. The only downside to hostel is the shower - not hot enough for my liking. Apart from that, this is definitely one of the better hostels I've stayed at in the South Island!

Rosemere Backpackers and Budget Lodge

Wellington, New Zealand

Man this hostel is awesome! Parties every night on the deck, and one's that aren't full of assholes! The location is good, very close to Willis street with all the shops nearby, yet secluded enough to get a good night's sleep. The only thing I didn't like was that the kitchen closes at 9pm, which is not great if you're arriving late and want to cook dinner. WIFI is also a bit overpriced (but there's a PC you can use for free to check emails/directions). They have a piano as well! Great place!

Sequoia Lodge Backpackers

Picton, New Zealand

No customer comment

Tasman Bay Backpackers

Nelson, New Zealand

By all means, given the way this hostel is advertised, I should have really loved this hostel, but there were some issues: first, the atmosphere was horrible - lots of people but no one talking to anyone they don' know, and there was this Opera singer there who seemed to assume that everyone loved his voice and whistling. People were generally inconsiderate. The staff aren't the friendliest too. Also, the kitchen is a bit dirty, and the fridge is filthy! At least the free WIFI makes up for it.


Westport, New Zealand

Nice, quant hostel: not much to say say, it has all the facilities you need. Rooms are comfortable, nice patio outside, fireplace in common room. The only thing I didn't like about the pace was the atmosphere: I was the only young western male guest, everyone else was from Asia or not of my age, so there was no one for me to talk to.

Te Nikau Retreat

Punakaiki, New Zealand

Beautiful hostel, nestled in the midst of the bush and close to the beach! The main house is inviting, cosy, and the morning bread and muffins are fantastic. Nice cats as well. Downsides: the location is a bit of a pain for those without a car (30 min walk to the pub); although the hostel has a mini-shop. There is literally no security to speak of - not even locks on the doors. Finally, be careful where you walk around the place: the neighbours can be fiercely territorial, and they're armed.

Mountain Jade Backpackers

Hokitika, New Zealand

Not much to say, everything was perfectly in order: great central location, kitchen, toilets and room were clean. The staff are nice and sociable. The supermarket (New World) is only 5 minutes away - a café underneath the hostel and a pub across the road (open late). There's a public library around the corner with free unlimited WIFI (even at night! just sit outside it). The only downside is the bright overhead lights in rooms. If you're going to Hokitika I would definitely recommend this place.

Rainforest Backpackers

Franz Josef, New Zealand

Over-rated hostel: the rooms are under furnished - no hooks to hang clothes, no reading light, not even a table (just beds, a small mirror and a heater). Horrible atmosphere: plays host to Bus tour groups who are loud and anti-social. Very slow WIFI. THey charge $8 for clothes washing and drying. Next to no security, and the cleaning staff leave all the room doors open during the day. Sure, a free Spa and sauna, but you get what you pay for (i.e. former: dirty and latter: very small).


Nice, but basic hostel: nothing really to boast about, but it's perfectly fine compared to some places I've stayed. Downsides: minimal kitchen facilities, creaky floors and bunks and VERY bright lights in bedrooms. Staff are nice and helpful (although one is a complete nutjob). As for atmosphere, it can be a bit dead sometimes (i.e. not many people), but if there are others it's fine. All in all, if you're staying in Fox Glacier I would recommend this place.

YHA Wanaka Purple Cow

Wanaka, New Zealand

Great hostel: fantastic view of the lake from the common room, with a new wood fire to warm up. Kitchen is very good too, although being closed between 10:30am-12 is annoying for later risers like myself. The rooms were great too - en suite with a mini kitchen, plus tons of shelves & hooks for books, clothes etc. The staff are really friendly, and the long termers staying here are (for the most part) pretty cool as well. Close to New World supermarket and other shops/pubs/walking trails.

Nomads Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand

Purely because of the atmosphere I hated this hostel (if you can even call it a hostel): full of drunken idiots, an annoying speaker for announcements (which you can clearly hear in your room) that are abused by the staff. You can't drink in the hostel either, which only testifies to the types that stay here. The only reason I bared it was that I got a free upgrade to a room with an en suite and a balcony that I could smoke on. If I stayed in the normal dorm I would've killed myself.


Dunedin, New Zealand

Nice hostel - although it is a bit out of the way (up a huge hill, which is not pleasant if you have 25kg on your back), that does provide a natural barrier to potential thieves and other unwanted types. The atmosphere is great: the long-termers here are really cool, and the TV room is amazing! Netflix + surround sound! And free unlimited WIFI (which is rare in NZ)! Only downside is that there is a real lack of power outlets.

Swaggers Backpackers

Oamaru, New Zealand

Unfortunately, I was the only person here then so I can't comment on the atmosphere. But Agra is a good host: delightfully eccentric with a loveable dog, she gave local advice and food/coffee/lifts. The bed I slept in was great (it had an electric blanket). Common room has a big TV, plenty of books and magazines to read, and a nice garden deck. Security is a bit too lax for my taste (but given the area, not much is needed). The only downside is that Agra is a bit strict with internet allowance.

Canterbury House Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand

As was said in a previous review, this is not exactly a YH per se - it is more like an old couple's renovated home so not much of an atmosphere. That said, if you want someone peaceful to sleep (to recover from jet lag) for a few nights while still being near the centre of Christchurch (and intercity bus stop), this a great place to stay. Alan and Kieko are very nice, as is Carla (the maid). The only real downside to this place is only 20mb of free WIFI a day and no late morning hot showers.


This place is by far one of the best hostels I've ever stayed in: the beds are completely pimped (curtains, comfy mattress, desk lamp, even a fan!), full A/C, and spacious under-the-bed lockers. The staff are awesome: super nice and helpful, and their tours are great! Right next to Pike Place Market, which is amazing for food. I had a free dinner there on 4th July (although that's regular) and it was amazing! Only downside is slightly dodgy WIFI. But damn, I can't recommend this hostel enough!


Vancouver is awesome - this hostel is not: dead cold atmosphere arising from rude, authoritative, nameless staff (who're everywhere), tons of CCTV cameras (you're alwayswatched), threatening posters and no booze (so you have to drink at the sub-par overpriced bar downstairs). You have to deposit your room key if you want a pot/pan. Cramped rooms. Lockers are squeaky. No A/C! Nowhere to hang up clothes to dry. Despite regularly closing, the facilities are NOT clean (esp. toilets). Stay elsewhere!


I was apprehensive about staying at this hostel given previous bad reviews, and suffice it to say, they were more or less right. Despite being in an ok neighbourhood, the a half-way house next door doesn't give out a safe vibe. The whole place is dilapidated, badly in need of renovation: the toilets are not clean AT ALL. The threatening messages everywhere are disturbing. They also charge $10 to hold your luggage! The staff are alright once you get to know them, but don't stay here too long.


IHSP (almost) has it all: close location to metro not too far from downtown, plenty of bars/eateries nearby (although being close to a fire station, lots of sirens), awesome roof patio, full kitchen, PCs, TV w/ netflix, vending machines, AC, lockers, and free towel hire! It does need a water cooler for the summer though. The staff are awesome, especially Dan (he's the man)! The only thing I was disappointed with was the beds: squeaky and sub-standard duvets. In any case: HIGHLY recommended!

The Only Backpacker's Inn

Toronto, Canada

Pros: Awesome waffle breakfast! Nice outdoor patio. Ample toilets/showers, even 2 baths! Great nearby take-aways. Quality bar downstairs - 20 real beers on tap! Cons: The hostel (not the bar) staff are very anti-social (apart from Wei), especially the one who leaves threatening notes regarding cleaning up ("you know who you are!"). Skylight wakes you up early. No guards on top bunks. No ventilation in rooms. Bar downstairs closes at 3am - so why does the common room close at 11pm?