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Koala Hostel

Milan, Italy

The most expensive hostel I've ever been to. The beds are horrible metal things that match the sterile & clinical atmosphere. Breakfast is a joke & Internet in rooms is useless. If you have business plans & need to Skype don't expect the staff to waver the 24'7 music rule in the messy lounge that is in place even on an early Sunday morning when you might have a head ache. I was locked out because the door bell doesn't always work & there was no soap in the toilets. Towels cost 4€, printing .30c.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

A hostel with fabulous potential but one which doesn't really reach its possibilities. The internet bandwidth is shockingly slow & if you want good internet get your sim card. The carpets are filthy and need ripping out, and the wonderdul cucumber rooms has too many dirty boots stepping on the cushions (I found dog mess on a cushion)...The staff are courteous, & the bar is big and friendly. Edinburgh is a jewel and everyone should go there and tour the royal mile. The hostel is worth a visit.

London Eye Hostel

London, England

superfast internet, good kitchen, normal breakfast, courteous staff, large communcal area. Decent hostel.

Trotter's Den Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

i came here at the last minute because upon arriving I learned that the Chisinau Hostel had closed down. I quickly found this place and settled in wihttout any problems. I residents and staff were faultless and the place is homely while being flexible enough to cater to as many people as possible. It's location is very central and i really can't think of any problem I've had at this place. I've packed my bags, checked out and am now getting ready to go to Cluj with a touch of sadness.....

Bazikalo Hostel

Lviv, Ukraine

Excellent little hostel. Cute and quaint and right in the heart of the city. Staff are helpful and interested in helping with anything a person may want: taxis, information, etc. The place is quiet, easy to relax in and the Internet quality is good but there is washing machine! Generally good and well recommended!

Funny Dolphin Hostel

Sevastopol, Ukraine

Firstly, this place isnt a hostel in the normal sense of the word. It's a flat, and when you enter, there's no counter or help desk. The owners live elsewhere, and visit as often as there are visitors. The more people staying the more visits. Generally they are friendly and try to be as helpful as possible, although the lady has a better grasp of English than the man (Yuri). Washing clothes is quite expensice, but the kitchen as reasonably good facilities and the itnernet is stable.

Lafa Hostel

Odessa, Ukraine

One of the best hostels I've stayed in. It's homely, friendly, and the staff are wonderful. The location is perfect and the building is typical of Odessa - it's classy and elegant. The staff really are wonderful though. They work 24hours and are always helpful and cooperative. They are always ready to help with bookings and make calls on your behalf which is really nice. The bathroom is nice (but there's only one) and the wifi is free and stable.

Hostel Pletnevsky

Kharkov, Ukraine

Cute, cosy, well-located. The staff are friendly and helpful. Good internet, and good use of kitchen and cooking facilities.

Chisinau Hostel

Chisinau, Moldova

A great little place. I can't recommend it more. The staff are helpful and wonderful and the location good - right next to a massive mall, and within easy reach of so much (Chisinau isn't so big).

The Cozyness Downtown Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

Faultless. Smiles, friendiness, cosyiness guaranteed. Marius speaks excellent English and is very smart. There are good washing facilities, and the place is homely and snug, NOT big and institutional. There are only two toilets hoever so there can be quiet, informal queues. The wireless speed is good and there shouldn't be any problem for those needing to work while traveling. 3G is also quite cheap in Romania. Breakfast option at the hostel would be good. This is the only complaint.

Hostel Old Plovdiv

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Cute, relaxing and flawless service. Zero criticisms.

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Thank you, Pele ! It was pleasure to have you as our guest and you are always welcome back ! Best regards Hristo

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

A decent enough place where I could go to again should I ever go back to Istanbul. It's well located & the staff are helpful. The breakfast was ok too. I stayed in the large dorm & generally found the place friendly & hospitable. It can cold down there in the winter and the place needs shelves and hooks for extra comfort. The feelings down there is slightly dungeon like, but I didn't mind that. I found the place good for meeting people and spoke to some fascinating people down there.

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

An excellent place to stay because the staff here are really wonderful. They are friendly, talkative and really help to make a person's stay worthful and informed AND notably courteous. The breakfast is excellent too and the staff are always ready and willing to offer more. I do however have one complain (which may not affect most people): THE INTERNET situation here is a joke. There's definetely a router and a strong signal, but the speed is positively 3rd world.

Fauzi Azar Inn

Nazareth, Israel

A wonderful hostel experience. The staff quietly, patiently and courteously do everything expected to make this place as homely and comforting as possible. The price may look steep to budget travellers, but the breakfast is good and generous, with subtle variations every morning, and with free tea & coffee and cake when ever it's wanted the cost is not as steep as it's looks on the surface. There are laundry facilities and a free tour every morning too which gives a general view of the town.

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

This place is big and although it has all the facilites you'd want from a hostel, the size does make it slightly impersonal compared to other more homely places I've known. Other than that it's difficult to find any fault with the place. The breakfast is ok (the muesli's slightly toooo sugary though ....) Internet is ok, with 4 choices of routers. I'll end on a piece of pedantry: Child sacrifier Abe wasn't the first backpacker, Gilgamesh was. The Babylonian texts are older than the Hebrew ones.


A Great place to stay. Friendly, calm, relaxing. Exactly what a hostel should be.

Gordon Inn

Tel Aviv, Israel

Excellent breakfast but the lounge is tiny and it's not easy to talk to people in this place. Good location though and although it costs more than other hostels, the breakfast more than explains this. Decent but don't expect to able to socialise too much.

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Dear Guest, Thank you for writing a review about our hostel. We\'re glad you enjoyed our Israeli breakfast and our location. You\'re right about the socialization aspect and we are currently trying to make this place more active in that area. We have added a couple of activities such as a pub crawl and bike tour of Tel Aviv. We have also hired a friendly new volunteer who loves to get people together to have fun and relax. Thanks again for the review and staying with us.

Corinne Hostel

Eilat, Israel

Please do not be seduced by the low price & location because this place has hidden costs. The hosts are utterly unsuited to dealing with guests and clearly hate their jobs. The atmosphere's surreal, like something from a creepy film & I witnessed a German guest being shouted at for practising his violin at 4pm in his room (hardly a noise sensitive time). I was myself asked to leave for no other reason than I politely asked if the TV could be turned down! A good choice only if you like rudeness!

Dahab Dorms

Dahab, Egypt

I wanted to stay much longer in Dahab to explore the mountains but had to leave prematurely because internet in Egypt is not so good. The staff here are excellent and courteous and the breakfast a real treat. The place is beautiful and well kept. I can't imagine anyone having any problems here at all!

B&B Calamatta

Rome, Italy

Excellent location and well run. Breakfast service isn't so great - even if you get used to going round the corner to a local cafe, there is no menu or list of options and we just ended up having sugary snacks every morning which wasn't ideal.