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The Legend House

Sighisoara, Romania

its on a hill! beside a bell tower but its only the 6am medieval ringing that surprises you! what atmosphere. youre in a living village right! simple but great. good common kitchen.

Hotel Pandora Hong Kong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

very helpful staff. friendly. small but newly renovated and clean. its hk! right close to metro.

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Thank you for your valuable comment. Look forward to seeing you again. Hotel Pandora


easy going people. helpful. 10m from metro. organized activities. 2nd stay.


good staff to talk with. they are trying to cater to mountain hikers by offering a 4 day supported hike at 4 sisters, the first one. i found the location close to metro and long distance bus station ideal. i am older so found staff easier to talk to than patrons. could be the day :)good single room.


the staff were good, helpful and spoke english well. close to metro. its a younger crowd so did not mingle as i have in smaller cities or towns or where older people go. but its quiet enough and served my purposes well in shanghai.

Joe's Seaside Inn

Sanya, China

this is not a hostel per se but a great place to be independent. you can get away from it all. yet its 53 sec from the beach!joe and his wife are very kind helping gentle folk. he is open to suggestions because i rearranged the furniture to make it easier to sit and visit with people. i gave him his 1st english book for exchanges too. i liked sanya bay because you have public trees for shade and the area feels normal not too ritzy. older chinese are singing and playing instruments on the beach.

Happy Dragon Hostel

Beijing, China

‘’apple‘’ made a flight res after the internet showed all booked. very helpful staff. was there in jan. cold. but they brought in a space heater which worked well.

Angkor Wonder Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

basic facilities but superb staff in Mr Whynot. Ask about that name as its very cambodian. Friendly people and lots of good advice. A good location for walking.


friendly and helpful staff. especially when you consider all the personality types. but you need a mechanism to return the deposit if lodger forgets to ask for it. which i did.