Reviews: Anonymous


I'm glad I only stayed for 2 nights because the bathrooms and showers were kind of gross. The water pressure is very low in the showers and they are tiny, I'm a 5' 4" slim girl and I could barely turn around in there I can't imagine a man trying to shower there. The rooms and beds were clean but got a bit stuffy. This "delicious pizza" that they advertise is nothing more than a overpriced frozen pizza that I was mediocre at best. The staff was friendly though. Overall I'd stay again if I had to.


Safe Stay is the place to go if you want to find a good hostel in London. I loved just about everything about it. It's clean, staff was very friendly. The only negative thing I'd heard about the hostel was that it was in a rough area but from my 3 night stay I never felt unsafe. I liked that there was plenty of room under the beds to securely store your stuff. The only problem was the cards to get in the rooms often didn't work so we had to get them fixed. Otherwise, SS is well worth the money.