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Reykjavik City Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

I found the staff to be very helpful and in general the hostel was very clean and new looking. Overall, quite a nice place to stay except for the location being a little awkward in relation to the city centre.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Abigail's is nicely located near the Temple Bar and Trinity College area, and pretty much in walking distance of everything in the Dublin's centre. Security is decent, though there is no personal lockers in the rooms so if you need one you have to pay to use the lockers in the lobby area. The lobby area is quite nice, and breakfast is decent and free. In the dorms the bathrooms were large, though the rooms had carpet floors (not a fan of) and few electric plugs (4 for 10 beds).

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

The hostel was a good basic hostel. They were good about security and the building is certainly very interestingly decorated. The included breakfast was okay, very basic. The hostel did some decently clean but the rooms had carpet down which always feels a bit dirty to me. The bathrooms were also quite small and few, and considering how large the dorms there are I would be worried about bathroom line-ups in a full hostel. Overall it was fine, but I'd worry about staying here in busy season.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was a decent hostel but didn't feel like there was much to it. The dorm (+ bathroom) I stayed in was very clean but also very bare and cold and kinda felt prisonish. Wifi was only accessible in the lobby so in the lobby it was hard to find seating in and it certainly didn't promote meeting other people. The free breakfast was pretty great and had good selection though. The location was pretty good, some stuff was like a 5-10 minute walk away, though to get to the main centre was 30-45 mins.

The Cat's Pajamas Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Just plain wonderful, I would stay here again hands down. The only issue it has is that it's not in a good position for walking into the city centre where the shopping and museums are. But it was right by a set of subway stops and there was a bunch of food places in the area. The hostel is super clean and modern, the free breakfast in the morning was quite nice, the bathroom in the dorms was awesome, just overall great.

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

It was a nice, pleasant, clean hostel and was only like 5 minutes from the Field of Miracles and about a 20-30ish minute walk from the main station. The rooms were clean with good pillows, individual lights and shelves for each bed and lockers within the rooms. Only negative issues were that there are only two bathrooms (though I think place could only have a max of 12 people) and the breakfast available there is from a vending machine (but there is a large supermarket a couple minutes away).


Florence, Italy

It's a very nice place with quite friendly staff. While not a lot of security within the hostel (locked rooms/lockers), a max 12 people can be in the dorms and the staff are within easy reach so that isn't too much of a worry. The owner also puts out wine and snacks out each night so if you attend that on the first night, you'll likely meet and know everybody who is visiting anyways, so there is a very nice community feel. The staff also give a detailed description of Florence when you arrive.


Rome, Italy

The owners were nice, also very helpful and accommodating. While the hostel is outside the main bit of Rome, there is a metro stop a quick walk away that is only a couple of stops from the southern touristy bit of the city (and the tourist area is actually quite easy to walk around). The bonus of being outside the main tourist area is that shops in the area (groceries/gelato/food) are more reasonably priced than in the city. For such a small hostel too, they also do have a number of washrooms.

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Astor Victoria

London, England

Overall, Astor Victoria was a nice a hostel but there was some drawbacks. On the side of the hostel I was at, here were washrooms and showers sandwiched between each floor so access was good. But some certain notes, I had booked a 6 room with en-suite had only a shower and sink, so en suite didn't include a toilet in this case. Also, I visited in June and with only a window as ventilation the room ended up getting extremely hot and hard to sleep. Else wise quite nice.

Loch Ness Backpackers

Loch Ness, Scotland

There were some really nice things about the hostel. The dorm I was staying in had all the bunks coloured and nice colourful looking linen on the beds. It was in a good place to walk to Drumnadrochit (10 mins, has a bunch of Loch Ness stuff) and to walk to Urquhart Castle (about 20-30 mins). But if you have a room in the initial old farmhouse part, the security is light due the front door always being open and not having to pass reception to go upstairs, though they do have lockers downstairs.

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Here in the highlands most people are very trusting as we do not have levels of crime like larger cities. You may think the security is poor but all the rooms have keypad locks on and lockers available and cameras in place. We are in a very small village. As we have a old farmhouse set up we cannot change the layout to put a reception at the front door. I do hope that the old fashioned pace of life and trusting nature we have never goes.

Glencoe Youth Hostel

Glencoe, Scotland

Overall it was a really nice hostel with a large kitchen and dining room area. They do ask that you are out of the hostel between 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM, so if you have nothing to do during the day you have to stick to the quiet room. It is a 30-40 min walk from Glencoe village (where the store is at) so if you need buy things make sure to grab them as you leave the village. If you got to Glencoe you go for the walks and scenery so keep that it mind.