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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 26

The only reason I stayed here was for the location. The staff here seem very nice, but they refuse to turn on the AC despite the sticky humidity. Air flow was practically nothing, and I had to use ice packs to keep from sweating all night. The beds are also very squeaky and my curtain was broken. If you're over 175cm you'll be hitting your head a lot. As beautiful as this 100+ year-old house is, it can give you a headache. If there were a better place in Nara, I'd take it, but it doesn't exist.


Amazing location, great staff, and a fairly comfortable place. Smell was noticeable iin the rooms but wasn't too bad. Bads have 1 outlet each and curtains provided for privacy - comfy enough beds. Bathrooms were fantastic and had great mirror units for getting your morning stuff done. Lounge area on 4F was spacious and friendly. One of the few hostels where I've seen strangers chatting and meeting each other happily!

Siem Reap Rooms

Siem Reap, Cambodia

What a beautiful hostel. We got the penthouse so cheap, and it was amazing large for the price. The staff were exquisitely helpful in providing and arranging tour guides and transportation to Angkor Wat and other places. Wi-fi was weak on the top floor, unfortunately, and didn't work in our room, but it's minor. We'd definitely stay here again!

Mr.Egg Hostel Original

Busan, South Korea

This hostel is in a great location at a *great* price! The good thing is it's close to downtown. The bad thing is it's close to downtown — I woke up throughout the night because our room faced the street and cars/people were loud through the wee hours of the morning. I had headphones in but it didn't help much, unfortunately. The staff are amazing and friendly. Breakfast is quite nice. It's a cozy place. If you don't mind a bit of noise, I recommend it.

Backpackers in Jeju City Center

Jeju Island, South Korea

Rented a double room (1 bed) and really enjoyed having a private shower. That is very, very nice! We had a large bed, a heater was provided, and it was relatively quiet around us. We slept soundly. Breakfast was quite tasty and full-featured. I enjoyed the natural strawberry jam and thick toast available. The setup of the hostel does not make it easy to hang out with other people. It's more for sleeping than for socializing. Not a bad thing, but something to remember.


The locker under the beds is HUGE and can accommodate several backpacks. They're free to use and the locks are available with a ¥1000 deposit. Really convenient! The staff are so incredibly friendly and helpful. I left my laptop there and they had it shipped to me at my expense within a day of notifying them. I got the laptop 3 days later in Korea. They took great care! Their kitchen/lounge area is large and beautiful. Get you some tea in the morning and enjoy the view from there or the roof!

Sp@Itaewon Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

Great location, super affordable, and the staff are so friendly and warm. I know them all by name. They really make you feel welcome. The two serbian guys and the Korean woman that run the hostel are great!


A very nice hostel in a great location for a great price! I arrived later than my intended checkin time and they were very kind and patient. The included breakfast is toast and peanut butter and jelly. You can snack all day though if you want to, and they're very laidback there with leaving luggage and such too. Definitely a great hostel.

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Hi, Wish you could come with us to War Museum.. Thanks for the review..

The JA in Gangnam

Seoul, South Korea

A very convenient hostel with friendly staff, warm beds, and a nice (albeit simple) breakfast. I've stayed at better hostels for less (in Busan) but this hostel is still a very good value for your money.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

It's so inexpensive, and I like the location (even if it is a bit out of the way). It's a good hostel and the owner is a nice man. The security on the front door is a bit lacking (found it unlocked/open before w/o an alarm sounding) but it's always been closed ever since, so maybe it was a fluke.