Reviews: Anonymous

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Nice hostel, great friendly vibrant staff always willing to help. Couldnt be in a better location for a young traveler looking to soak up the partying in a central area. Tons of bars around, also take advantage of hostel airport shuttle, couldnt have been more on-time. Dublins a lot of fun, only knock was the atmosphere inside the hostel was a bit lacking, people mainly staying in their own cliques and not venturing out of their comfort zone. Anyways, fun time and would come back for sure.


Toronto, Canada

Great location right in the heart of the city. Everything is within a short walk. Stayed in a double private w/ a buddy, nice room, private bathroom and a tv which was cool. Theirs a cool tavern in the basement and a place to shoot stick on the ground floor. Loved the st lawrence market, a must go on a saturday. Overall, i thought Toronto was one of it not the cleanest cities ive ever visited. Enjoyed my stay during the TIFF festival and will surely be back. Philly Chris


Great stay all around. Very nice area in a happening part of town. Loved the secret garden lounge for meeting people, at one point had 15 people around a table from all different cultures sharing stories..good times. Met some great people here. fun pub crawl, good coffee shop across the street for a pick me up, and an organic shop for all your beer needs. Bike rentals only $20 per day. Great deal and great area. Surely will be back. Cheers, Philly Chris


Came here after catching the train from vancouver. Suffice to say, i was in love from the start. Great location, with awesome pike mrk across the st. I liked the covers for the beds as it allowed for some privacy. People i met their traveling from everywhere were awesome, easy place to make friends. Lounge room was chill. Seattles a great city and a must see for all. Cheers, Philly Chris

HI-Vancouver Central

Vancouver, Canada

Easy walk from the train station and on a real lively street, it was a good stay and nice dibs. Other stayers werent as talkative but staff was nice. Vancouver is a great time as well as very beautiful. Enjoyed gas town for night scene. Get a bike and explore. Cheers, Philly Chris