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Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

More like a hotel; but that also means you're getting hotel level facilities for the price of a hostel. Bathroom, beds, bed lamps, towels provided; facilities wise it's a very very comfortable stay. NO KITCHEN, but the other facilities almost make up for that. Two mins from the Rijksmuseum, but about a 20 minute walk from city center. Great for art enthusiasts who are there to see the van gogh and rijksmuseum.

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

Very expensive, but I have to admit that it was pretty worth the price. Common room area had a fantastic lively atmosphere with local italians as well. Free drink. Very friendly awesome staff. Facilities first rate. Kitchen very well equipped. Balcony with flowers and comfy chairs. One of the best hostels I've stayed at! Just a bit expensive that's all.

Euro Inn

Milan, Italy

Overbooked me, VERY RUDE staff; I had a cursory look at the hostel and it was not great at all.

Albergo Argentina

Genoa, Italy

A bit hard to find, and no kitchen (but that's alright as it's not a hostel). Very pleasant stay, very friendly staff, enjoyed it very much! Quite, has a small garden, close to train station as well.

Hostel TO

Turin, Italy

I had a really bad experience in this hostel. If you are carrying quite a bit of luggage, it is a pretty long walk from the station. The location is pretty crappy in Torino, 30 mins from center. The dorm was not great, but liveable. The night I was there it was just me and this other person who fricking screamed in the night and scared the sleeping daylights out of me. Staff was indifferent, no smile, no welcome, nothing. NO KITCHEN. Bad access to transport. Worst hostel I've stayed in so far.

Agora Hostel

Catania, Italy

Fantastic staff, good location, has a really nice restaurant/bar right beside it. Supposedly the first hostel in Italy, I think! As such, facilities are quite old. Shower facilities are not great, but bathroom is okay. A decent stay, but rather unremarkable.

Residenza Santa Croce

Venice, Italy

Given that we're talking about Venice, this is about one of the cheapest hostels you'll find. One annoying thing is that the rooms are really far away from the reception (reception was quite hard to find; it's in a little corner before the bridge). Not many facilities to talk about, but a decently comfortable stay. Very clean, beds are great, bathroom is good.

Academy Hostel

Florence, Italy

Fantastic free food nights. Location is AMAZING, RIGHT next to the duomo. A good hostel, great for sleeping, not for partying though. Not much of a social atmosphere. Facilities are fantastic though, so deserves quite a high rating! Very comfortable stay!

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

I had the honor of being their first guest for 2013! One of the best hostels I've stayed at. Definitely on the party side. Great common area for socializing!. Drinks are cheap and kitchen is well equipped. There are many bathrooms, and all are clean. Dorms are clean and good as well, though a little bit small. Location is good, but on your first time there is hard to find. It's opposite a "Pasticceria" shop, but a bit further in. Elevator requires 5 cents, but hostel provides the coins!!

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

Fantastic staff! Close to Termini, which also means decent subway access. Lacks kitchen, but breakfast is excellent. Rooms are clean, but bathrooms are shared between slightly too many dorms. Stayed in both Mosaic and M+J. MJ has free food in some evenings (huge plus) but Mosaic's rooms and bathrooms are cleaner. Very comfortable, will stay here again. Again, cannot stress how fantastic the staff was!!!


Very VERY close to ADO station, perfect for early flights. The mixed dorms have quite a lot of people, but they're also very big so didn't feel crowded. Bathroom facilities are great. A fan for each bed. Their rooftop BBQ has fantastic food. The jacuzzi isn't usually warm, but the rooftop is fantastic. Great staff. One of the best hostels I've stayed in so far.

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Thanks Franklyn, see you in your return! Julian (Management)

Hostel Rio Playa

Playa del Carmen, Mexico

Great location - two blocks away from the beach, and only a few more away from the ADO station. But being so close to the beach, nights are very loud. You're going to want a room deeper inside the hostel to sleep. Staff was helpful and offered to change me to a quieter room. The common room is quite dark, and there is not too much of an opportunity to socialize in the hostel. But hey - it's Playa del Carmen, there are a lot of fantastic clubs around! Recommend for location.

Hostel La Candelaria

Valladolid, Mexico

The common area is absolutely AMAZING. They have beautifully lit areas where you can sit and meet new people, hammocks where you can lie down and read, and a well equipped kitchen for cooking. Staff was absolutely amazing - especially Jose. They're really chill about stuff, and the bike rental service is good. If you're dropping by Valladolid, this IS the place to stay! One slight complaint is that the bathroom in the mixed dorm has slight ventilation problems. Open a window maybe?


Merida, Mexico

Nomadas is a first rate hostel. Firstly regarding facilities, it has a fantastic pool, comfortable hammocks, and a comfortable dorm. Lockers are provided with locks, and felt very safe. Location wise, it is in the center of MĂ©rida; you can walk to points of interest with relative ease. Walk from ADO station is not close, but not a big problem. Overall, one of the best hostels I've stayed in in Mexico so far.