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Brama Hostel

Krakow, Poland

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  • 23rd Mar 2014
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  • England
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Kathmandu, Nepal

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Rainbow Lodge HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

I guess HK hostels are all the same.....every piece of space has to be utilised, but a bit more thought on planning could have helped. Great staff though!


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Wada Hostel in Guilin

Guilin, China

Staff were excellent. Good food provided and the Friday BBQ was excellent!!


Staff were very helpful. Food was excellent.

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

Great place. Great staff. However, the food and drink charges are way too high!!!

Apple Hostel Moscow

Moscow, Russia

I felt the accommodation was too cramped. My 6 bed room really only had space for 4 but they were rammed in. Not enough bathroom facilities and because of a serious leak in one bathroom, it was down to the bare limit. Also, although I only heard this from a fellow traveller, but there were a large group of people staying there, who were obviously together. They seemed to take over the place and possibly they were staying there long term??

Soul Kitchen

St Petersburg, Russia

Simply best hostel I've ever stayed at!!

Hostel Erottajanpuisto

Helsinki, Finland

Expensive, but then Helsinki is. Few bathrooms for the amount of people and they aren't exactly of a great standard. With the money that is coming into the hostel, then some of it needs putting back into the building.

City Backpacker - Hostel Biber

Zurich, Switzerland

Disappointed to find that bedding was chargeable. This means that people use their own bags etc and this is what encourages bed lice to be spread. I know I was there at a hot and humid time, but there was no air-con and it was stifling in the building. Shame there are no individual lights and sockets in the room. Bathrooms, particularly showers are a joke. They are cubicles, where you can only just fit into and there is tape on the joints on the floor - they look shabby.

Mainstation Hostel

Fussen, Germany

Great advice from manager re booking the castles etc. I bet everyone doesn't do this. And great advice as to where to eat. Perhaps could do with lockers?

Five Elements Hostel Leipzig

Leipzig, Germany

Excellent place. Great facilities.

Five Reasons Hostel

Nuremberg, Germany

Excellent facilities and very helpful staff.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bathrooms were cramped and why not have even just a wooden shower mat so floor doesn't get soaked everywhere. Air con would be nice too. I appreciate I was there at a very hot time but it was unbearably hot in the room.

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Great place. Best facilities I have come across yet.

Day and Night Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Great place. Good location too.

Hostel Split

Split, Croatia

Place was ok ish. Bunk beds in my room were poor. They rocked from side to side and noisy when you moved around. That might sound picky but I like my sleep.

Perak Pero

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I have nothing but praise for this place. I arrived very early in the morning but was welcomed in with a smile and cup of coffee. It's more like staying with a family. The annex I was in had kitchen, bathroom and living area. Great place.

B&B Bella Bari

Bari, Italy

Great hostel in a superb location in the 'old town'. Nice roof terrace to chill out on. The owners David and Alex are lovely. They have had it running I think only a couple of months and are doing a great job!

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

Very very helpful and nice family who run the hostel.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

Great place. Great location.

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

Great place but seems to get taken over by the locals in the evening. However I think this is something to do with the excellent free buffet which is laid on if you're drinking from the bar. Great food. Good place.