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Hatters Hostel- Liverpool

Liverpool, England

Overall a good hostel, but the bathroom and shower were horrible. They weren't cleaned during my 2-day stay there as far as I could tell.

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

A brilliant hostel in a brilliant location with brilliant staff. I really enjoyed the pub crawl. It would be great if there was more kitchen space and a fan or two in the hot 12-bed mixed dorm, but otherwise it was very good.

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We're glad you enjoyed the bar crawl - they're so much fun, and a great way to meet other people!

Birmingham Central Backpackers

Birmingham, England

Nice atmosphere inside. Great staff. It's just a shame that although the hostel is close to the city centre, it's not in the most pleasant of neighbourhoods.

Glencoe Independent Hostel

Glencoe, Scotland

Great place for hiking. Not many other folks there, but it's not s city hostel so has more of a fantastic remote hiking hostel feel to it.

Oxford Backpackers Hostel

Oxford, England

good place. friendly staff. only real downside was that music was played ridiculously loudly in evening in common room. this was a Friday night so may not be the case every evening. went on a fantastic pub crawl organised by the hostel. loads of people went and had a great time. it's a great thing fora hostel to do


Great place. Deserves more guests

Las Vegas Hostel

Las Vegas, USA

A number of things broken or in need of a bit of bodging, but the place is comfortable and safe.


Good common room, but some of my stuff was stolen. More a problem with the guests who did so than the hostel itself

HI Boston

Boston, USA

Bit pricy, but overall very good. Great amenities. Bit chilly at times in the ground floor lounge, but only a bit


In keeping with my overall experience of many New York locals, the staff at the hostel were not the most welcoming ever, with a few exceptions. But overall the experience was good.


The staff were a mixture. Some nice, but some not very welcoming. They tried to charge me twice by not 'realising' that I'd already paid. They don't seem to believe in giving receipts.