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Hostel Casa Colon

San Jose, Costa Rica

This hotel was far nicer that I would have ever expected. It is an old house that his been converted. It is very beautiful and very clean. The staff is friendly and it's easy to get to by bus from the airport. Walking time to downtown is about 5 minutes. The only thing to warn you about (in case you believe in these sorts of things)... it seems to be haunted.

Casa Zen Guesthouse & Yoga Center

Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

This place has a wonderfully relaxing vibe. The design and facilities are excellent. They don't have hot water, but you don't really need it. The one downside is that it's a bit of a hike to the surf-able beach. It'll take you 15 minutes to walk there. I guess that's not really that bad except there are other places much closer.


Galway, Ireland

You cant beat the price here and it is definitely a nice place to stay. It's a large hostel and they have a nice common area. Met some cool people here and the staff is super helpful. The kitchen is a bit small for a place of its size, but well designed. The showers have the button where you press it and the water runs for a bit, then you'll have to press it again. This is great, until you have to be up at 5am to catch your flight and the water won't warm up.

The Burren Hostel (Sleepzone)

Cliffs of Moher, Ireland

This is a big hostel but it was almost empty while I was here. It made it a bit like the Shining, but I had a comfortable stay nonetheless. I imagine that in the summer when it is full it has a completely different atmosphere. You can't beat it as far as location goes if you're trying to do some hiking in the Burren and visit the cliffs.


This hostel was relatively empty while I was there. I imagine it's a different in the summer. Definitely a surf destination as there doesn't seem to be terribly much else to do here. But the staff was super helpful in lining up a lesson for me and I had a good time. The bathrooms here are a bit odd. The shower is in the room with the sink, so if you use a toilet and someone's showering, you can't use the sink. But otherwise it was very cozy.

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Dear Guest, Thank you for your positive review, we look forward to having you once again at our establishment. Kind regards Management

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

This hostel is a great place to meet people. The staff is very social with the guests and everyone ends up getting to know each other. It was very busy while I was there but the water remained hot whenever I showered. One of my favorite things was the plentiful parking. I was there over the weekend and it seemed like a lot of people had come into Belfast for the weekend to party. So it can be a bit rowdy but I had no problem sleeping

Sky Backpackers

Dublin, Ireland

This is one of the nicest hostels I've ever stayed in. The kitchen is spectacular though I didn't get to use it. And the rooms are a good size with comfy beds. It's also super convenient to get to Temple Bar without the rowdiness. And the staff were happy to offer recommendations and advice when I asked.

Railway Square YHA

Sydney, Australia

This place is the fanciest hostel I've ever been in. The facilities are amazing. Modern, clean, and in good shape. Rooms aren't too crowded, bathrooms are plentiful, but the place is huge. I'm not crazy about the location. I think the CBD is probably not the best part of Sydney from which to go out and have a good time. But it's good for catching trains and buses! Only complaint free wifi :(

Arthouse Hostel

Launceston, Australia

Nice place. Has a very homey feel. Cleanliness is decent. Rooms aren't too crowded. Staff is helpful. It's a little outside of town, but it's close enough to walk in 5 minutes. Most of the people I met here were on working holiday, so it was tough to find people to go on outings with. But it's a great place to chill out and chat. Gold star for the showers! They are warm, clean, private, and have good water pressure.

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Wow, thank you for the comprehensive review filled with compliments. We really appreciate it. It's great to hear when people enjoy the efforts we make on a daily basis.

The Pickled Frog

Hobart, Australia

Pro's first. The staff is amazing, super friendly, helpful, and activity oriented. Great place to meet fellow travelers. breaks my heart to have to say that the facilities were not good. And I'm a regular hostel-goer, so I'm not one to expect a glistening environment. But I'm not convinced anything here was completely clean, everything from pans to couches was well past its prime, and the place was over-crowded. Biggest bummer, the water wouldn't stay warm for longer than 30 seconds.


This hostel is comfortable, convenient, and loads of fun! They've got a really nice set up with hammocks in the yard, a kitchen, and a nice bar. Will is building a tour agency too so he can arrange all kinds of trips for you. Just a warning, there isn't any hot water. Though honestly, you don't really need it in the consistently 85 degrees and humid weather. The wifi is good, the staff is super friendly, and the place is conveniently located right at the entrance of town. Enjoy!

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

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Cusco, Peru

This is a BIG hostel. Everyone hangs out in the courtyard and enjoys the bar so it's easy to meet people. They brought in a band one night I was there, great fun! Not the place for a couple who just wants to keep to themselves. Breakfast is more than just bread. The bathroom layout is perfect for a place of this size. Water isn't always hot and the wifi can be a bit wonky. But the beds are WARM which is important because it gets freakin cold at night in Cusco.


Right on the beach so has a very surf-centric crowd. Great meals for a great price. Cozy beds. Cool rugged beach vibe in the common areas. One suggestion: get a shower curtain.


This is a very big hostel with a huge diversity of people. I made friends and had a good time. Considering their volume of people, they could use a few more bathrooms, though I know that's not a suggestion that can easily be met. Its a bit on the rugged side, but that's not to say dirty or unsafe. The staff planned fun activities and outings that definitely added to my Lima experience.

Buba House

Barcelona, Spain

Very clean, very safe, and very well managed. Definitely not a party hostel, but a place you can get a good night's rest and be comfy and cozy.