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Grand Adamspeak

Adam's Peak, Sri Lanka

We got in at 7pm to walk Adams Peak at 2am and returned for a shower. Not a hostel but you get what you need and the staff are good people!


Seetha is a pretty great host, nice simple accommodation. On the quieter side of Negombo beach which is probably a good thing.

The Explorers Guesthouse and Hostel

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I was only here a night but based o that I think it would be a pretty good hostel! Good amenities, only thing would be I don't think the common area is conducive to meeting people.

U-Baan Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

Luckily I stayed at U-Baan, because otherwise I wouldn't have had the pleasure of knowing Joy! Always helpful, working hard to make sure you have a good time in a city she truly loves. The rooms are fine, hot water, good wifi. An AMAZING rooftop bar which is undersold on hostel world, a great location (in a very local area, so good food and markets, and very close to all public transport lines). Joy made Bangkok much more than it is made out to be by most fellow travellers. I will be back ;)

The Living Place 1

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place made me fall in love with Thailand... Actually in love. I never wanted to leave, I came back and I'll comeback again. Love, Daniel. This was the second time I came around and I wanted to take Tanya with me but she wouldn't have a bar of it.

Spicypai Backpackers

Pai, Thailand

Spicy is a pretty special place if you're up to the task. Very social, very lovable, even if the beds aren't fantastic they'll be 10/10 after the rest of the night. Nothing can quantify the type of place this week is and how much you will enjoy it. Just experience it.

The Living Place 2

Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place made me fall in love with Thailand... Actually in love. I never wanted to leave, I came back and I'll comeback again. Love, Daniel.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Excellent hostel with excellent staff. Tirrak, Olga and the gang will make you feel right at home in Istanbul. Great location for short and long term travellers. Staying here definitely made Turkey just that bit more special, as if it needed any help. Turkish breakfast is to die for and it's freshness will offset the likely large volume of kebab you'll eat. Definitely get some suggestions of food and nightlife away from Sultanhamet, they know their stuff. Fantastic view from the top bar!

Durty Nellys Inn

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Your view on this hostel will be based purely on why you're in Amsterdam. Based above an Irish pub should tell you all you need to know about the place. You stay here to party in the red light district and you need a place to crash. The bar staff is great but they're still there to serve you drinks. Tough to meet people due to the nature of the hostel 'living room' being the pub. No kitchen, but beds are fine. The top bunks are very close to the ceiling and you'll likely overheat

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is a quiet old city but Lybeers is a good enough hostel to Offset that. Good beds and location, it isn't perfect however. I went during long term renovations which obviously limits my viewpoint of what the hostel will become. I'm confident it will come out alright though. Paid breakfast which isn't great. Beautiful building.

Barcelona Central Garden

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel is a wonder. Amazing staff, amazing rooms, amazing place. I was sad to leave just because of how much I loved the people who ran and worked there. Not a party hostel but if you need a party hostel to find a party in Barcelona you're doing something wrong. Cheap place and they'll go or of th way to give you great suggestions around the city. GO TO PAELLA NIGHT! So much fun, thanks again guys. I wouldn't stay anywhere else in barca

La Banda Rooftop Hostel

Seville, Spain

The boys have everything you need in this great hostel. Four British expats who decided it was worth opening a hostel in Sevilla, and they made the city even better. Home cooked meals that are pretty great for the cost with plenty on the plate. Good beds, all right breakfast. Close to the cathedral, La Banda has the right mix of chilled vibes tht enliven the city for those staying. Wishing you all the best guys!

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

It was just a bed for a night but it did the trick. 12 bed dorms separated by a wall so pretty much 2 six bed dorms with a shared entrance. Beds not amazing, but was fun for a night!

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

I wouldn't normally give a 100% rating if the hostel didn't deserve it, but Home Hostel is the epitome of the perfect hostel. Awesome location, awesome staff, and there is always 100% effort to make sure everyone feels accommodated. Momma's Home Cooked meals just tops off fantastic Lisbon days. The beds are better than what I have at home and the locker storage under the beds is humongous, which is always a necessity for the lazy backpacker. The cherry on the top is the the curtains for the beds

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The Monkeys in the Trees

London, England

Good for what it is. As with any hostel, the connection to a pub makes atmosphere either exceedingly good if the right people are around or bad if the right type isn't there. The beds and pillows are also well below par, just lumpy and uncomfortable.