Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Manga Rosa

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

Owner was fabulously helpful in that he gave people rides in his car to the airport, bus station, etc. but sent me a dirty joke video via whatsapp. I was horrified. Everything else is fantastic making up for the location.

Reiter Hotel

Venice, Italy

The Reiter Hotel was a luxury for its price! The showers were steaming, and the privacy was great. When booking it, I didn't realize it was on Lido, separate from the main part of Venice where the tourist stuff is. However, that actually made it better! Few tourists, and I rode the vaparetto water bus to the main island which was a unique experience in itself. While I was there, it cost 15 euro to take the waterbus from Marco-Polo Airport to Lido, and then the vaparetto back and forth cost a little over 20 euro (depending on age, number of days, etc.)