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Hotel Gamla Stan

Stockholm, Sweden

No customer comment

Dover Castle Hostel and Bar

London, England

It was a nice place, but the hostel is on top of a pub, so don't expect to get much sleep!

Franz Kafka Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Amazing! Clean and Confortable! Very good service! Very well Located!

Labyrinth Hostels

Vienna, Austria

The recepcionist was really unwelcoming.... she was very rude at our arrival. She gave us some general information about the place, she was talking amazingly fast in order for us to leave so she could go back to see tv! If I hadn't such a short stay in Wien I would go in search of another place! I would not recomend to even to my enemy! The place is really like a labyrinth... dark, spooky and COLD!!! Horrible.

Emerald Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

No customer comment