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2A Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Good hostel for the money but for a few euro more, one can stay closer to the city center. Overall, I would return.

Gracia City Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Awesome place; I would definitely come back here.

Gracia City Hostel Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Great place to stay for fun and the money.

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

Good place on a budget

Hostel Croydon

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For the money, it was just a place to sleep and put your stuff in a locker. Would stay here again on a budget.

Budapest Civil Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This isn't a hostel but rather someones house they are renting a room out. Reception doesn't speak English, wants to bother you with every tiny thing one by one, obsess about times the fridge/kitchen, etc... can be used and it is a pain to check in/check out or just come in to sit down and relax without reception bothering you about something. However, it is cheap, very clean and in a decent location.

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Dear Guest I'm sorry you didn't enjoy your staying with us, but I'm afraid it's basically your fault. I regret to say that your statements misrepresent the facts. 1. Before booking the room, you might have checked our web site with the pictures which show the real condition of the building and the rooms. Your bed was (is) under the gallery in the 30 m2 room. 2. As check in it is NECESSARY, that I inform and show to every guest the basic informations about the hostel. 3. I let him WITHOUT ANY WORD during his 2 days to stay in the kitchen much longer and different times than I wrote it on the information desk. 4. It was NECESSARY to tell him not to burn dawn my the casserole - but GENEROUSLY gave him immediatelly what he missed (eg. oil etc.) 5. It was NECESSARY to ask him to take off his dirty belongings from 2 other beds, which was covered yet with clean bed sheets for the new guests. I had to change again 2 series bed sheets, and I done it WITHOUT ANY WORDS. Hopefully, travellers will trust our web page despite your review. I promise they won't be disappointed. Owner of the Budapest Civil Hostel 1 Male (who is not 2 review

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Average place, location and staff but on a budget would stay here again.


Awesome stay, would definitely come back.


Great place to hangout, relax and meet people.


Phenomenal hostel.

PLUS Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Good staff, no kitchen, clean rooms.