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Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

Excellent location and great hostel. Only problem was there was only one plug socket in the dorm. There were plenty in the common room but that was small.

St Ives Backpackers

St Ives, England

We were a bit disappointed with this place at first - no address (it's wrong on google maps somehow), the name changed, confusion over our booking, and the room was tiny with no windows. However the staff were friendly if not always competent and the weather was so good we spent little time there. Facilities were okay and regularly cleaned thought guests didn't always clean up after themselves which wasn't fun in the morning. But you won't find anything else in St. Ives for this cheap!

Globe Backpackers Plymouth

Plymouth, England

Decent place. Nothing spectacular but value for money.

Torquay Backpackers Hostel

Torquay, England

Good hostel BUT the toilets and showers were in the same room (one toilet and one shower in each room) and there were only three showers. Plan your mornings so you don't get caught out!

Arsenal Tavern Backpackers

London, England

Checking in was a mission. There is not enough space to explain all the problems we had there but basically at 3.30pm our beds were not ready and spent the next two days being messed around trying to sort it out. It became obvious that we were being lied to about why there was a mix up too. It was also very filthy here. The showers were tiny which was bareable but there were mushrooms growing in the female showers, and only three female toilets in the entire building with nowhere to change.

Birmingham Central Backpackers

Birmingham, England

The North American staff member was rude not just to us but other guests. If people asking questions is such a chore don't get a job in hospitality. We booked a double room but got a twin. Okay place but not worth what we paid.

Blue Sky Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

No plug sockets in the room, showers weren't clean. Seems to attract an odd clientale and staff spent some time arguing over who was meant to do what (no-one wanted to do anyhting). If your not expecting much then you should be okay.

Inverness Tourist Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

Cheap dorms were good value although the four bed we stayed in smelt, even with the window open all day. Showers weren't easy to use either. Other than that this place is excellent. Staff are awesome.

Dundee Backpackers Hostel

Dundee, Scotland

A beautiful place to stay and enormous. Excellent value rooms and central location. The cookers in the kitchen need to be fixed. An 'interesting' group of people staying here, many were long term residents rather than people on vacation. Staff were hit and miss, some were very helpful while others were quite rude.

Willy Wallace Hostel

Stirling, Scotland

Enjoyed our stay. Twelve bed dorm wasn't overcrowded.

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Interesting idea having a hostel in an old church, but churches are built to resonate sound so it can get a bit noisy in the rooms. There weren't enough showers and suspect they were never cleaned when we were there. Bit of a walk to the Old/New Towns. Not a terrible place; has promise and a little more effort would make this quite good.


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A-yado Gion

Kyoto, Japan

Excellent hostel. Staff and location are perfect. Highly recommend.

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