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RK/Buckner hostel

San Diego, USA

It's well located (few blocks from Gaslamp). The beds are incredibly uncomfortable, could easily be better. Rooftop area is pretty nice to hang around. There's a curfew for the kitchen but it wasn't respected. People went in coming back from the bar, drank, smoked and shouted and what not. Thanks to that we couldn't sleep more than 3-4 hours for our first 2 nights (room 10 next to the kitchen). Rules weren't respected and for that reason it sucked.

La Mansion Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

Sketchiest hostel i've ever been in. It's not clear wheather people work there or that there are any rules at all. Our dorm "room" had people walk in through at all time. No locks on doors nor lockers. Most people don't get to stay in the Mansion but in the houses around it. There's nothing fancy about this place. They bought houses and put bunk beds in some of the rooms. It's just not made for that many people to stay there. The kitchen was so dirty would could hardly do anything in it.

Amsterdam Hostel

San Francisco, USA

It's a pretty regular hostel, for the price it's had to beat. Just be sure not to be in the room next to the kitchen as you can't sleep much in the morning (and until a certain point for the night).

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For that kind of location and atmosphere, it's really hard to beat. Everything is basic but fully functional. Pretty cool that you don't have to pay many extras upon arrival, unlike other cheap hostels. The lockers in the rooms are...soft, let's say. New locks would make it perfect. Would go again!

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Hi! Thanks for your review! Well, hope to see you again soon! About our lockers, currently we are working on a solution to fix that problem! Hans Brinker

A&O Köln Neumarkt

Cologne, Germany

I booked there because i've used A&O in Hamburg, but it wasn't at all like my first experience. To sleep one night it's perfect but don't expect atmosphere. Rooms were alright but ventilation would make it much much better. I think it was my last go with A&O

Three Little Pigs Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Nothing to complain about, super safe, 15 mins bus ride to the center of Kreuzberg. 20 mins walking to Potzdamer Platz. 5 mins to U-Bahn and supermarket. Super clean, big rooms, big hall were a lot of people can hang around. I will without a doubt stay there next time i'm in Berlin. Book without hesitation!

Birka Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Layout in rooms is pretty good. Locker (if you have a padlock) and a light by the bed. Staff was helpful. Alright kitchen. The beds are really comfortable and the area around is quiet so you'll sleep well. Bit expensive but that's Sweden for you. Well located, around 20 mins from Gamla Stan. No atmosphere at all, but to sleep it's perfect, it'd go back!

City Public Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

It's the cheapest hostel in Copenhagen and that's pretty much the only positive thing about it. I've slept in 25 people dorms before but the lack of fresh air was very disturbing and disgusting. When you came in the dorm at night the air tasted like people's breaths. Beds were too small (i'm just 1,82 m) and the most uncomfortable i've slept on in my 2 years travelling. I didn't dare take a shower, the facilities were so ridiculously old and dirty. Not worth that money (but it's Denmark...

A&O Hamburg City

Hamburg, Germany

First time i booked in a A&O and i was pleasantly surprised. Clean, safe, room not crowded, TV in room (i didn't watch, but some might like it), not far from S and U-Bahn. Maybe more enployees and more counters for check ins... there always was a queue, so asking one question took 20 minutes. Would go again.

Hola Hostel Eixample

Barcelona, Spain

Great Staff, the best i've ever done bussiness with. For this reason, i'd go there again. They are Barcelonians, they know what they're talking about! Bad sides: Bathrooms and showers were a bit dirty all of the time and that "free breakfast" stuff wasn't worth a cent. Seriously, dried crouton as bread? Anyway, well located, safe, good lockers, for that price, it's seriously hard to beat!

Black & White Hostel

Milan, Italy

Things were a bit weird there. There is nothing like atmosphere, you have to pay for the linen, but you still have to be in direct contact with the duvet that is used by every other customer. If you plan on using the metro it's a good location, but if you have to leave for the central station before 5 am, be prepared to walk in shady streets for 30 minutes. At night the clerk was sleeping on a bed in front of the desk. Weird, right? Alright for one night if you're just passing by.

Thousand Sunny

Rome, Italy

Nice place, very few people actually staying there which makes it (by far) the safest and cleanest place i've stayed at. The staff (Christina) was really nice and helpful. It has a home feeling to it, mainly because you're actually staying in somebody's home, which is kinda weird. It's a flat shared by the owners and the people staying there.


Staff really helpful and nice. The bunk beds don't make a lot of noise, surprisingly. Very clean. 6-7 minutes from the central station (Termini). Wifi in the rooms (if it really matters, NOT). Bad thing is that there's no real common area except the bar. Good deal altogether!


Safe place, right on Monmartres, next to Anvers metro station on the Blue line. 15 minutes away fro gare du Nord, what else do you want? Staff is very helpful in both english and french. Beds are alright but a bit noisy. Breakfast is not impressive but still coffee, croissants and buns so, pretty good. Too expensive during weekends but, eh, it's Paris right.

Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

For the money, it was great. The location is perfect if you plan on walking a lot or taking the tube. The staff is very nice; they want to help and they sometimes just wanna chat! The 3 beds high bunkbeds were pretty scary, but they had curtains, which is a very good idea!. The shower in our room sprayed like hell everywhere, so the bathroom floor was always flooded. No atmosphere, lots of people staying there looking for a job. Nice downstairs lounge w/ TV, DVDs, WiFi and stuff. Great value!