Reviews: Anonymous

Annie's Place Adelaide

Adelaide, Australia


Cruz de los Andes

La Paz, Bolivia

This is not a hostel, this is a hotel! It was so nice to stay here, the room was big, we had a matrimonial- and a single bed, a balcony and a nice bathroom. The breakfast was overwhelming, there were computers and a pool table which was free to use! Would like to warn you about the tour company inside this hotel though. The guy who works there mainly is a real nutjob. He speaks English words, but they don't make any sense, and he tried to make us pay twice for something we had already paid for..


This is a nice hostel, especially considering its price. There's a kitchen you can use, some computers and an area were you can sit and chat. The kitchen is a bit small considering the amount of people that can stay at the hostel. The showers are outside, as in; really outside the main buildings and therefore very cold, also there are only two, so we had to wait pretty long now and then which can be annoying if you want to catch a bus or boat. All and all a good hostel, but nothing special.

Tayta Wasi Hostel

Cusco, Peru

Nice hostel overall, it is really hard to find, let the taxi drive go to puente grau because otherwise you'll be driving around for almost an hour like we did. There's a kitchen which can use, and there is a nice complimentary breakfast. Rooms are big, clean, and just very nice. The staff ordered us some pizza when we came in after our long taxi ride and even brought it up to our room. They were very helpful and very nice! We were able to store our backpacks for a few days for free!

Hospedaje Brabant

Nazca, Peru

This was a really nice hostel in Nasca. It is located in the centre, and literally just 150 meters from the main square. There was breakfast with eggs, which is always nice. The wifi was good and there was always warm water. They have two locations though. If you've got a private room you're across the street and you are not allowed a key to that building. This means you have to ring the bell and an old guy will open the door, if he is watching TV you have to walk back and ask for the key there.


We've only stayed in 2 hostels in Lima so I don't know much about the price/quality however I felt it was pretty expensive compared to other hostels in Peru. We had a private shared bathroom and payed 80 soles which is kind of a lot. Again, it was in Lima. There was a kitchen, bathroom was large, big TV, nice helpful staff and very close to the beach :) Breakfast was included and sufficient :) I didn't like the (warm) water, it was so so, but that's in most hostels in Peru.

Marcilia Beach Bungalows

Mancora, Peru

Too bad I can only type 500 words cause this hostel deservers at least 5000. Anyway, all you need to know is, we booked 3 nights, and within 5 minutes after arrival we booked another 3. In short: wonderful staff who both worked on a cruise ship for 15 years, nice food, clean bungalows that are being cleaned every day! Private beach, free movies on big screen whenever you want it, good bed, private terrace with a couch and two chairs (per bungalow), and above all a really nice and warm atmosphere

Hotel San José

Piura, Peru

It was more a Hotel than a Hostel, but we got a nicer room than what we opted for which was nice. Our room was large, fitted with aircon and the shower was nice for this type of hotel, (water was really warm, rather than 'peru' warm). Negs: there was no laundry service even though it said so on hostelword. Breakfast was included though and nice :)

Hostal Yakumama

Cuenca, Ecuador

It is a nice, clean hostel and the staff is very nice too. However, our room was just a room with a bed. There was no closet, no nightstand not even a little hook to hang up our coats so we just had to through all our stuff on the floor. The wifi was just as bad as anywhere else in Ecuador. The breakfast was included which is nice, however it were just two very small pieces of bread, a little bit of juice and some tea, we had to pay extra for eggs. Nice hostel but nothing special

Hostal Chasqui

Otavalo, Ecuador

Nice hostel, really nice staff. Only real downside for me, since I have to upload videos to youtube everyday is that the wifi is only available in the kitchen, and outside. Do keep in mind though that the kitchen is kind of 'the common room' or one of them and is a nice place to be at. Location was good, away from the noise but really close to centre Otavalo. They had free books to read and the bed and bathroom were really nice. Price was also good! Would absolutely recommend this host

Hostal Marsella

Quito, Ecuador

This is a really nice hostel. Do keep in mind though the owners speak Spanish, and nearly no English at all. There is no kitchen for you to use though you can order some food from them. If you go here definitely go up to the terrace on the roof, it is really nice and some people mist it because they simply didn't knew it was there. Wifi is good, considering you are in Ecuador. There is a Chinese-run restaurant nearby where you can eat a lot for nothing at all :)


Toronto, Canada

Okay so first off, I just didn't like the atmosphere here, but this may be personal. It felt too big to me, with 9 floors, and about 100 people in the hostel. However, this is just a great hostel when it comes to a lot of things, great wifi, great kitchen for you to cook your own meals, hotel-style cardkeys, clean rooms, pool table, and when you book a (semi) private room you get a free voucher for 1 meal a day, which can also be used for free dinner. Rationally it is a nice hostel!


This is such a nice hostel, the atmosphere is good, could be a little better because the hostel feels rather big, more like a hotel. The staff however is really nice. We rented bikes and cycled to Quebec City, when we came back it was pouring with rain and the owner was driving by, he stopped and put the bikes in the car, dropped us off safely back at the hostel which would have been a 1 1/2 hour bike ride otherwise.. These people really care about you, and you can feel that!