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City Circus Athens

Athens, Greece

To call this place a "hostel" just feels crude; it feels like much more than that. The decor is very modern and fresh. The breakfast is awesome and includes homemade jams and homegrown olives among other items. The staff also offer home cooked dinners and snacks every night for 6 euro! The staff are all very friendly and have recommendations and tips for anything you need or have questions about.

Cheers Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Tarik and the rest of the staff are awesome, the location is in the heart of the old city close to all the major sites, and the place just exudes a welcome atmosphere that is contagious amongst all the guests!

Artemis Hotel

Selcuk, Turkey

The staff here is really friendly and can help you out with whatever you need. The rooms are pretty basic but clean and are due to be upgraded soon according to the owner.