Reviews: Anonymous


The owner and was really helpful and friendly. All this staff where equal helpful and really enjoyed my stay in this hostel and really like the town. It had a amazing shower that reminded me of the tardus in Doctor Who. It attracted a lot on interesting travelers. The market a few blocks away was huge. I would recommend this hostel to anyone.


The receptionist a well build blond girl call me through to my room where the man in the bed below stood he push some orange skins at me, their you,re orange skins back. I told him they where not my oranges, he looked at me in disgusted and then okay they might be his friends Their that bag that was slightly out from under the table. At that point I snapped and told him to stop be so pathetic and called him a bully. He then drunk 9 or 10 beers with receptionist.

Ocara Hostel

Manaus, Brazil

Ocara Hostel was an excellent place to stay in Manaus. Second day I went with the owner Fabio to the harbour market at 6am it was amazing. The staff really helped me planning my trip to Port Velho. It was amazing clean, All in all I would recommend any traveller to stay at this hostel A further advantage it was really close to the centre 3 minutes walk to the tmain attraction Manaus Opera House and 30 second to the road where all the buses past in Manaus(Getulio Vargas)I stayed 4 extra days.

Mazz Homestay

Negombo, Sri Lanka

I would advice people not to stay at this Mezz Home Stay hostel. It is not clean and the person running the hostel was annoying called Toni. On arriving at the hostel I opened a bottle of whisky Toni asked if could fill up his bottle with my whisky. A one point Toni locked us in the hostel while he went home to his wife. I felt that this was dangerous and unprofessional I feel strongly this hostel is run so badly. Please avoid at all cost. The worst place I stay in Sri Lanka by far.