Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Brazil, Gender: Male, Age: 25

We stayed in a 8 bed dorm. Few space left in the bedroom, not very good beds. Large dining room, big kitchen and well equipped. Bathroom/toilet is clean, but quite small. It is a very old building, well located, very close from train station. Staff were good, but weird, ahhaahah I liked, but if have more money or find another place for the same price, go to another place.

PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

Porto, Portugal

We stayed in a 8 bed dorm. Very clean and with a good space. Bathroom was mixed, including toilets and showers. So you might feel uncomfortable. Tiny kitchen, hard to cook. Not very good breakfast. Great staff and well located. There is an outside space which is great to meet new people. The price is good, so I recommend it.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The staff team is mostly composed by people with Down Syndrome and are as good as everyone and the place is place for many disabled people. I really like what they do, taking care for the next. The location is a bit bad, it`s on the top of a hill and quite far from city centre. After getting off the train,you`ll need to walk around 10 min uphill. We stayed in a 10 bed dorm. Amzing breakfast, great bedroom, good bathroom, small kitchen, big dining room. Don`t be afraid of the boars (yes, boars).

Hotel Leblon

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

We stayed in a double bed dorm. Very clean and well located (2 min walk from the sea). The room had plenty of space including a bathroom/toilet and a wardrobe for your stuff. They serve a great breakfast and you can eat as much as you want. Staff are good, but depending on who you talk to, you might not understand if don`t understand Spanish. I recommend it.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Everything is very good or great. We stayed in a 8 bed dorm, which has its own bathroom. Basically, all the mixed dorms have their own bathroom/toilet. This was the best mixed dorm we`ve stayed so far. Totally recommend.


Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stayed with my gf only for 1 night in a double bed room. The room was quite small with 3 beds and 2 of them were put together so it is a 'double bed', I just hate when hostels they do this. There was a very poor toilet, with shower as well, inside my room and I think only 1 shower and one toilet for all the rest of the guests. Kitchen is tiny, no proper cooker, tiny fridge. If you don`t have any other option is ok staying in this hostel, otherwise find another place.

Princes Street Backpackers East

Edinburgh, Scotland

It's a good hostel. Kitchen is very good, equipped and clean. Bedrooms have no keys in the doors and to use the lockers properly you will need a quite big padlock. I would stay there again and I recommend it.


Dresden, Germany

Very good in ALL requirements. No complains about it at all.


I stayed two nights in a twin bedroom. The hotel was full of noisy children and teenagers, but this is not the hotel fault. The toilets are very clean as well as the bedroom. They serve a breakfast, which is included in the price you pay for the room. The breakfast is amazing, very good. The internet is a public network and only works in the ground floor and sometimes does not work at all. I paid quite a lot, but its Paris, I can't complain. I would return there.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

Just a few minutes walk (less than 5) from Munich central station. They have their own bar where you can drink beer for a reasonable price and meet new people. To have a breakfast you'll have to pay 4.50 euros, but don't hesitate to pay, it worth. You can eat as much as you can and it is really good. Really nice hostel.

Hostel Star Light

Rome, Italy

I stayed just 1 night with in a private doublebed. The bedroom was very clean and cozy. The toilet and bathroom were not very clean, but nothing disgusting. Good staff but sometimes the guy just disappears. I wanted to check out and he wasnt there, hahaah. A simple breakfast, a croissant plus a cup of coffee. I would stay again there, but not for the price I paid. Btw, I paid about 55 euros for one night for two people.

Pergamos Hotel

Athens, Greece

AMAZING breakfast, very clean hotel and very friedly staff. If you look all the reviews you'll be scared to go there. Ok, the area is not the best, but you just have to worry at night. If you are in a group of 3 or more it is fine. I was with my girlfriend and when it was late we took the metro until Omonia station and then a taxi, which will cost less than 4 euros. And if u take a cab from city centre to the hotel, it won't be more than 6 euros. For the quality and price of the hotel it worth.

Nomad Hostel

Moscow, Russia

It is a small hostel. They provide a clean linen and towel. The facilities are quite poor, the bathroom is together with the laundry wich sometimes can take your time as there is someone using the washing machine. They offer coffee and sugar for free and if you want (I'd say if you can), you can cook some food. I'd say if you can cause it is almost impossible to cook. The space is tiny and the dishes and pans are dirty. If don't have any other place and few money go there,otherwise find another.

Travelodge Phoenix Park

Dublin, Ireland

The travelodge company is very good, in every travelodge you stay you are gonna be fine. In particular, this one was very clean, warm, good staff and good facilities. The only thing is not very good is the location. You'll definitely need to take a bus. The bus takes about 15 minutes to go to city centre. I don't mind taking a bus, so I enjoyed my stay in this hotel. I recommend this hotel.

Hostel ELF

Prague, Czech Republic

I did not like staying in Elf, because I have booked a double bed and they gave me a 3 bed private. I asked for my double bed they said it was not available, how so?? If i have booked it should be!! So I asked for a discount and they said the price is the same, but it is not. Well, despite this issue, it is a good hostel, with good facilities. They serve a breakfast from 8 to 10 for free and it is very good.

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

Very clean and modern hostel, a good place to stay, large guess kitchen and large luggage room. A bit far from city centre, but really close to a metro station. One thing I did not like was the shower, it does not have a support and either you have a shower with one hand or you ask for help of your partner or friend to hold the shower.

Hostel Blues

Bratislava, Slovakia

Nice place to stay, good facilities, good location, excellent staff.


When I first arrived there i thought i had made a bad choice, the entrance is a bit creepy and so are the stairs to the floors. But when I got inside the hostel, WOW, it is amazing. The reception has an amazing atmosphere and when i saw the bedroom, i was amused, lovely place. I would recommend for a couple to go there, it is such a good atmosphere. It is also well located in front of the national museum of Hungary. A bit hard to find the entrance, so keep the number in mind! Enjoy it!