Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 23

Retro Youth Hostel

Cluj Napoca, Romania

A really really good place to stay! Even without other guests, we quickly made friends with the receptionist who was lovely and made us feel right at home warming us up with fresh made coffee! (she was wonderful - thanks!) All the staff we met were just great, easy to chat to and happy to give insider information on the town and even chase down a cab for us! Highly recommend booking a tour through these guys, was an amazing day - great breakfast; you get treated like royalty! Highly recommend

Pension Zanzi

Sibiu, Romania

Hotel was alright - not as difficult as you think to find it, though would be nice if they had better walking guide. Just look up on google maps, about 2 minutes walk from train station, or 20mins if you get lost. The staff were beautiful here, helped us when our bed broke (they did not construct it correctly, but no dramas!) and pointed us in the right direction to go for good food and booked us a bus. Really safe as you have to swipe in, although have stayed in much better for a lot less.

Burg Hostel

Sighisoara, Romania

Hostel was very cute in a very nice location. The staff were very nice, helped us out on our last day. We were there in off season so we may have been a little unfair reviewing average for atmosphere, and I am sure if the pub downstairs was open all would be better but it had more of a 'you're sleeping in our restaurant' feel to it than 'welcome to our hostel'. Need to do a good vacuum in the dorm. Nice rooms, no lockers.

Centrum House Hostel

Brasov, Romania

Just that there wasnt really a common room to the common area which was the kitchen. Also that at night time after the receptionist left someone came into our dorm room... was really safe until i realised it was left open one night! otherwise really nice.

Antique Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Amazing hostel - only problem was that the staff didn't hear the door bell when we rang because they were cleaning - so really we couldn't complain! (just keep ringing it, they do come) The hostel is beautiful, very clean, and in a great location. We felt right at home straight away as the staff were so wonderful - good for a laugh and very helpful. We visited this hostel twice and would recommend to all! - Thank you so much!!!

The Led Zephyr

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Stayed here for three nights and had an absolute blast! Had a couple issues getting in but we believe that was hostelworlds' error - after persisting that we needed two beds not one they ended up giving us the key and after that point we had no trouble at all! The hostel itself isn't pumping but it's right in the middle of everything that's happening. It's only a five min walk to the beach, reasonably clean, and there is a nice little court yard to chill in! Would stay again for sure

Downtown Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Such a great place to stay! Had a blast, felt right at home - no more than a 5min walk into the centre of town and the markets - really safe place, even walking back after a night out so easy to find and so so close!

The Mad Monkey Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

We booked for two nights but only stayed one. We booked two beds but at arrival the guy at the door told us we would have to share a bed. The single bunks are not small but there was no way we were paying for a crammed space after all our travel. We ended up sorting out another room for one of us and the bunk for the other but left in the morning. The staff told us the night guy didnt understand our booking. No drama just not our best moment. We went to downtown siem reap instead; had a ball.

Easy Go Hostel

Vang Vieng, Laos

This place was awesome! Good value for money and the staff are amazing. They did need reminding to clean the bathroom which was left untouched for a couple days, but they did it straight away when reminded. When I come back to Vang Vieng I will be staying here again!


Just loved it here - especially the free funny tasting beer.... cannot be beaten! Was a wonderful hostel, clean rooms and great atmosphere. The staff were something else, they even let us have the complementary breakfast before we booked in... BONUS! It is quite central once you learn your way around. It isn't in the 'party area' but it isn't far off and sometimes it's nice to know that you can sleep a little earlier if you want to

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

Did try to tell us that they were booked out even after I told them we had a booking... but i think that was a communication barrier thing. Great hostel, wish we'd stayed a little longer here - very party orientated and at the time there were some really great travelers running the show.

Valentine Hotel

Hue, Vietnam

We got to Hue when it was pouring with rain and the staff at the hotel looked after us so well! they gave us tea on arrival, always smiling, opening the doors for us! It was just a joy to be there, the staff made a gloomy day very positive!


Great hostel! Staff kept to themselves which was actually quite nice. Very helpful if you needed anything. Great little common sitting area, very chilled!