Reviews: Anonymous

HI San Diego - Point Loma

San Diego, USA

I really enjoyed my stay here and the gentleman who walked me through the facility was very caring and thoughtful. The kitchen and living room were wonderful and definitely among the best of the hostels I had stayed in United States and foreign countries. Restrooms were clean and spacious. The only down side was the bunk bed itself. For some reason, my bed moved a little every time my neighbor in the upper bunk bed moved her body. I was woken up every 30 minutes or so whenever she moved.

HI Point Reyes

Point Reyes Station, USA

This place is simply amazing. I originally planned on staying for one night only before heading to Big Sur Pfeiffer State Park but I ended up staying here for 5 nights. There are so any hiking trails with all kinds of wild birds, deers, elks, and berries. I can't wait to go back. The staff really take good care of this place and keep all areas extremely clean. The beddings and restrooms are spotless and kitchen is well maintained. Best hostel in United States I've stayed!


The night I stayed at this place, I was in the room nearby the shower room. Inside the shared room there were one other girl and one guy. The room smelled really bad and so did the beddings. I was not sure it was the other two travelers in the room that added to the stinky smell of extreme underarm odor. The owner was nice. But the place is just not up to par.