Reviews: Anonymous


I thought the local bar clientele downstairs didn't care very much for the hostel guests but aside from that I thought it was a good place to crash and a good location. The triple bunks however are pretty tough to get into at night if you find yourself in the middle bed.

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stayed there for two nights, in the middle of the week because I wanted to avoid the usual weekend tourists who go to Amsterdam for 2 things. I failed and wound up in a room with 5 young British boys who were extremely messy and inconsiderate. The hostel itself is OK, nothing amazing but nothing awful. I just would warn anyone thinking of staying there to beware the clientele such a cheap hostel attracts. If you JUST need a place to sleep, it does the trick. Need anything more? Look elsewhere.

Brussels 2GO4 Quality Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

A pretty decent hostel, about 10 minutes away from the Gare du Nord in Brussels. You have to walk through a bit of a rough area to get there but I didn't have any problems. There are a bunch of restaurants and convenience stores near by, they have a nice big open common room and a kitchen for you to use. Security seemed good although it would have been nice if a lock was included since while staying in a room with 11 other people it's a little bit of a worry. For the price though, not bad at all


The staff member I dealt with was very courteous and helpful, would recommend to friends. Le membre de l'équipe qui m'a accueilli à l'auberge était très sympa et agréable et je vais recommender cette auberge à mes amis.