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I had a private room and it was clean and tidy. It was small, however. There were two staff members I encountered at the desk, both men. One was friendly and calm, and the other a tad argumentative. The breakfast was fine, if unexceptional. The overall atmosphere could be friendlier, with more focus on hosteling and activities for people, even if it's just offering more than the standard wall of Broadway fliers. Note that the rooms have no deadbolt locks, no security chains, and no peepholes.

Sanlitun Youth Hostel

Beijing, China

The staff is friendly, helpful, and always available. The rooms are fine, just make sure you don't end up next to a bathroom, as the hot air dryers in there will be going off all the time. I was mixed on the location, it is close to some nightclubs and things like that, but it took me a while to figure out the neighborhood. It's not really a backpacker area, per se. The crowd in the hostel seemed more like semi-hipsters from Chicago than backpacker-ish. Oh, also know that they don't take credit!

Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago, USA

I enjoyed staying here. There seemed to be an interesting mix of travelers, most of whom seemed chill, relaxed, and friendly. The staff, aside from one grumpy morning desk worker (we all have bad days), were also very helpful and professional. Breakfast was very basic, but fine, what do you expect from a hostel?--you can get filled up and go on your way. Some people seemed not to talk to others--and that is fine--though not in the hostel spirt--staff can work on encouraging even more interaction

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Greetings, Thank you for reviewing your recent stay with us. We are glad you enjoyed your overall experience at our hostel. We strive on becoming America's #1 hostel and we can't wait to see you again. Take care, Jason Schultz General Manager

Hostel Pletnevsky

Kharkov, Ukraine

The owner/manager is friendly, sincere, and helpful. I would just say that this hostel is small, as there is no community room or even any room other than the bedrooms. The bathroom is very small and almost connected to the kitchen, which I found a bit strange. If you are looking for a very basic place just to crash there is nothing wrong with this place--and as I said the owner is helpful. However, the facilities are below the norm for hostels worldwide.

Second Home Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I enjoyed my stay and found the staff to be helpful and courteous. It would be nice to publish directions from the airport to the hostel (via metro and tram) on your website, since many budget travelers would be interested in this information. Also, when I called from the airport, I could not get through to anyone who spoke English. I had to call back three times. Otherwise, everything was fine. Thank you.