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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Route 39

Istanbul, Turkey

clean. Big rooftop terrace/bar with a beautiful view of the mediterranean. big lockers. great location just down the hill from the taksim square. easy few tram stops away from main train station. Friendly and helpful staff who went out of there way to educate me on turkey and the best places to visit for a true cultural experience. Good breakfast and sometimes got free fries at night when chilling on the terrace. Only downfall is weak internet on the terrace and in the dorm room.

HBC Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Very clean rooms and bathrooms but the shower wouldn't drain properly. Place had a lot of character and was really well decorated, almost a home away from home cozy feel to it. Owner/ only employee was very friendly and would make everyone dinner every few days for free. As well, would take you out for a free tour of the city in his car. Free tea and coffee. kitchen with hot plate and microwave. Good size lockers. living room with big screen tv. Would recommend to backpackers of all ages.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Pretty much a hotel. Massive building with lots of security and very modern feel to it. personal lights and electrical outlets on every bed. Huge bar on main floor with drink and food deals. Pub crawls every night I believe. Strong wifi connection, but have to pay to use computers. lockers provided if you need to store your luggage when you checkout but there aren't nearly enough lockers so i saw a lot of people that had to leave and walk around the city with big bags. Overall great value for $.

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Suprised you say we don't have enough lockers, we have a lot of them on the 1st floor. We also have a sign on the lockers on ground level that indicates this but I will also make sure reception is providing this info at check-in/check-out. /management

Hostel Riad Marrakech Rouge

Marrakech, Morocco

Most definitely the best hostel I have ever been to and I've been to many around the world. The breakfast is excellent and I have to hand to zouhair for waking up at 6:30 am everyday to prepare all the food, tea, and coffee for all the guests with a smile on his face. Malik is easily the best host I've had so far he will do anything in his power to make your stay amazing, he even went and bought shampoo for me to make sure I didn't get ripped off. Tea whenever you like. Beautiful rooftop terrace

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

Good hostel right in the Medina. Ideal if you are arriving by ferry since it's only a 5 minute walk from the port. Rooftop terrace is really nice and gives you a view of the ocean and beach. Hosts are helpful but sometimes there is no one at the desk to help you. Facilities are all good and functional. Small lockers in the rooms for small bag. I would stay here again if I go back to tangier

Sevilla Hostel One Centro

Seville, Spain

Good hostel. I didn't have any hot water in the showers when I was there but maybe I was just struck with some bad luck. Hosts play music all through the day and are friendly. Lockers provided in the room. Can get laundry done but expect to wait a full day, which is average for most hostels I've been to. No spot to go and talk at night since the only place that I knew of where you can hang outwith people was surrounded by rooms. Overall not bad and would stay again for a night or two.

No Name City Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great location right by sol station. Staff are very welcoming and love to party with you. Great hangout area to meet fellow travellors. Don't go there to sleep because te walls are thin and there are always people up late drinking and making noise. The showers are infested with mold. Good kitchen where you can make meals. Really cheap hostel for what you get.

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Thank you very much for your feedback! We will definitely take it into account. We're not sure what happened, but our cleaning staff does a great job cleaning our facilities three times a day. We're glad you chose No Name City to stay in Madrid!

No Name City Hostel

Madrid, Spain

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Thank you very, very much! We appreciate your positive feedback. Hopefully you will stay with us again at No Name City!!

Hotel Du Bellay

Blois, France

Good private rooms in a good location. Television provided in rooms. Bathrooms and showers are shared. Shower is tiny and for a while we had no toilette paper in the bathroom. Toucan get breakfast for a big fee, I didn't try it so no comment. Reception is helpful and English is rusty, also check to see when reception is open or email reception to tell them when you will arrive because I believe there is a large timeframe where the host isn't there.

Heart Of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Good place to stay if your in Amsterdam for a coulple days. Lockers will fit very large bags. Beware, if you plan on heading to amsterdam early and want to leave your bags at the hostel they will just throw all the bags in a small closet which will most likely be full. You are right at the edge of the red light district which is close to all the shopping, smokers shops, and train station. Ppl at front desk are helpful but cleaning crew are very rude so don't expect to sleep in room during day

Central Backpackers

Oxford, England

Sweet roof patio if you want to drink or smoke with some new found friends. Beware they charge you a ridiculous 3.50 euros for laundry and whatever will fit into a small pillow case. Also if you need to print anything, say your next hostel booking it will cost you 50 cents a page. People that work there are friendly but keep to themselves a lot so it's hard getting advice on things to do. I would stay here again.