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MEININGER Salzburg City Center

Salzburg, Austria

The female at the front desk was very helpful. She let us park up front until we were able to check in as we arrived a bit early. No complaints about the rooms; clean and enough space for three people and our baggage. If you are looking for a place in the city center then perhaps this might not be the place for you. A bus or train ride is required to go to the main areas of Salzburg. The prices were fair and considering how cheap it was to get around Salzburg, I don't regret staying here.

KS Hostel Berchtesgaden GmbH

Berchtesgaden, Germany

Having to check-in the Burger King below was pretty awkward. The man who confirmed my room did not speak such great english, which was ok until I realized he charged me for 3 nights instead of 2. The issue was resolved and I was refunded for one of the nights. The hostel itself is located in an ideal place, located right next to the train station. The main square is a 15 min walk. The shared bathroom was clean and rooms spacious. Aside from the mix-up, it was a decent stay.

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

Pretty much a hotel in disguise. It's right across the bridge from the Szent monument and down the alley from the main shopping area. The building door might be difficult to spot at first, Staff was friendly and helpful. Rooms were clean and very nice for a hostel. You have to pass thru 4 locked doors to get into the room so security isn't an issue. PI would def stay here again.


I stayed at two different Wombat locations in Vienna and this was the better of the two. Staff helpful, overall it was clean....needed to go thru three different doors to get into the room so security isn't an issue. The internet wi-fi was a good as well. No issues here.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

For 6 people, Bru Bar was around 40 Euro per person. Location-wise it was great, just across the bridge from the main square of Cork. The bar downstairs is noisy but not overly loud when trying to go to sleep (at least not on the 3rd floor). The rooms are too small, just barely enough room for 4 people to move around. The rooms were also pretty warm. The cleanliness was decent. It wasn't dirty and the sheets seemed to be clean. Overall, pretty decent. The staff let us charge our ipods for free.

Al Palazzo Lion Morosini

Venice, Italy

I stayed here on the way back from a cruise. It's tucked away on a dead end alley. The staff was very friendly and spoke english. The booking, for 4 people, had 4 beds. The room was very clean and came w/ linen. The bathroom was also clean but the toilet was installed way too close to the tub so it was uncomfortable if you had to sit down. At the end of the alle was a delicious restaurant w/ no name and a dock to sit down at to drink wine while the sun set. Highly recommended!

Nice Hotel

Venice, Italy

The room was dreary w/ little to no decoration and poor lighting. It was supposed to be a 4-bed stay but it was really 3 bed and 1 stiff fold down cheap sofa type things with no extra blankets or pillows for it. Let's just say I was sleeping on top of the wooden beam that supports it. Breakfast was not included in the price. Luckily we were only here just to sleep one night.

Hotel Restaurant Pax

Strasbourg, France

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