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St Christopher's Oasis

London, England

The location of the hostel is excellent. It's minutes away from the tube and very convenient bus routes. The hostel itself is nice, the fact that check-in must be done elsewhere is a bit of a pain. The biggest downside to the Oasis is that there isn't a common room and that each bed does not have an individual lamp. Also, the hostel does not have a fridge or microwave for guests because it's their way of encouraging guests to eat at the conjoined restaurant. I would recommend this hostel.

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Hi. Thanks for your feedback. We're glad to know you enjoyed your stay and would recommend our hostel. :) As you pointed out in your comment there are no facilities in the Oasis except for the rooms and the bathrooms. They are located at the Village, where reception is located as well, just 5 minutes walk fro the Oasis. We do have a microwave for our guests along with a kettle, plastic cutlery, plates, napkins and free coffee, tea and sugar in the common room located at the Village. We do not have a kitchen since being a party hostel we think it is unsafe for our guests. We offer a discount of 25% to our guests on food and a reduced price on the daily special in out attached bar, Belushis. We look forward to have you here again. Cheers, St. Christopher's Oasis Team.

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

You can't beat the location of this hostel. The facilities are also excellent. The different rooms add lots of character to the hostel. I would definitely recommend this place to other travelers.


Galway, Ireland

I really enjoyed the diverse clientele of the property. I felt the dorm beds were nice, and the fact that each bed had it's own light is extremely helpful. However, the dorm I stayed in only had two mirrors for eight people. That was a bit inconvenient, so I would change that.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

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