Reviews: Anonymous

Madness Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

One of my favorite hostels! Srdjian is the craziest, most awesome hostel owner. He welcomes all his guests as if they are long lost friends. We were there for the orthodox Easter and he even cooked a giant Easter dinner for everyone. Location is excellent, facilities are nice and clean. Couldn't ask for a better place!

Begovic Boarding House

Dubrovnik, Croatia

This is a nice little place basically inside a local families home. They are very knowledgeable about the area and super friendly. The free pickup and drop off at the bus station is awesome! It is a bit far away from the old town, but really easy to get to by bus and really close to a nice little walking promenade. Facilities are nice and clean, kitchen is a bit small, but has everything you need, including lots of free spices! All in all a great place to stay.

Luka's Lodge

Hvar, Croatia

A very nice place in a quiet neighborhood very close to the city center. Luka is a super friendly guy, always willing to give some advice. The facilities are nice and clean, and the outdoor cooking area is great! I didn't eat any of the homecooked bbq Luka made but the other travelers there said it was excellent. The homemade olive oil was fantastic! Highly recommend this place.

The Wallaby House Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

This is an awesome place in a giant house. The staff are really friendly, more like fellow travelers that occasionally have to work than staff members. The kitchen is one of the nicest I have run across in a hostel. The place was usually pretty full of people wand always a great vibe, because of the awesome staff. Only downfall is it is a bit far away from all the action, but is super simple to get to by tram. I highly recommend staying here if you come through Zagreb

Alibi B14

Piran, Slovenia

The hostel was ok, It had some cool drawings on the walls and stuff, but we were there in the off season so there really wasn't anyone around. Also, there is no common area and the kitchen was in the next building over, which was under construction when we were there. The one employee I saw was sharing her time between various locations, and was hardly ever at our hostel, which was a bit annoying at times. Location is great, right in the heart of the old city!


Ljubljana, Slovenia

This hostel has a great location, right on the river, and right across from a super market. The facilities were nice and clean. There was a bathroom in every room I saw and a kitchen too, although i don't think our stove tops worked. Even if they had it would have probably smoked up the whole joint. The microwave in the room was clutch, and there was a proper kitchen next to the front desk. No real common area, except the courtyard I guess. Met some cool people here, even in the offseason.

Echo Beach Backpackers

Koh Phangan, Thailand

This is a really cool place to stay! the bar is a perfect area for hanging out and meeting other people. The staff were all very nice, and really know the island, including the low down on all the best parties. The place is a big party, but does quiet down after 11 or 12 in case you need some sleep. All in all I couldn't ask for a better place to stay.

The Led Zephyr

Sihanoukville, Cambodia

I loved my stay here The restaurant/bar with the old guy singing folk rock classics was awesome! The rooms were basic but clean. There were a lot of bathrooms to choose from, and I rarely had to wait for one, even though the place was pretty much packed with people. Met a lot of really cool folks here around the pool table. All in all a great place to stay.

U-Baan Guesthouse

Bangkok, Thailand

My all time favorite hostel! Joy works her ass off to make this place and it shows. By far the best vibe of any place I have stayed at. I met so many great people here. The rooms are all very clean with a bathroom in each one and air conditioning. I loved the location, really close to a BTS station, and in a real authentic thai neighborhood., with tons of great food options, and cheap! The only bad part about this place is leaving.


This was my first time staying at a hostel, and I loved it. They were literally cleaning the place constantly. Everything worked out great, I will definitely stay here again in the future.